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  • News Satoru Iwata Tweets That Wii U Direct Will Be "A Bit Different"

    Wording suggests a look at Nintendo-specific projects

    Earlier today we brought you the news that Satoru Iwata is hosting a global Nintendo Direct Broadcast — Wii U Direct — tomorrow at 2PM GMT / 9AM EST. The press release and a subsequent tweet stated that new software and services for the home console would be on the agenda. Satoru Iwata, for...

  • News Trailer Promises More Pokémon News In January

    More teasing from Game Freak

    Not so long ago Game Freak revealed that it would be working towards evolving the Pokémon world in 2013. Quite what this meant is unclear at the moment, but a new development may shine some light on it. At the end of a trailer for Pokémon Black & White Version 2 that has been running in Japan, a teaser pops up...

  • News New Theatrhythm Final Fantasy Teaser Site Opens

    Possibility of a sequel?

    Square Enix has mysteriously launched a new teaser site for Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, promising visitors that something is "coming soon". What that something is, exactly, we don't know. The game was released in all regions this year - except South Korea - so could a sequel be in the works, or is it too early for one?...

  • News Mutant Mudds Deluxe Blasting Onto Wii U

    Shortest blog post, ever

    While many spent their time on Thursday absorbing information on Wii U console bundles, game announcements and release dates, Jools Watsham of Renegade Kid was busy posting quite possibly the shortest blog entry we've ever seen. It was simply titled Mutant Mudds Deluxe and had this article's image; that was it. Still, as...

  • News Square Enix Teaser Looks Awfully Like The World Ends With You

    Don't forget to take a breath

    Video games are a funny business, as some titles that don't necessarily achieve record-breaking sales or popular acclaim often become something else: critically-acclaimed titles with a legion of devoted, loving fans. These are often titles that won't necessarily grab the attention of the majority of gamers, but become a...

  • News Monster Hunter News Teased by Capcom Community Representative

    North American hunters on alert

    The release of Monster Hunter 3 G and the confirmation of Monster Hunter 4 have been contributing factors to making 3DS the must-have handheld console in Japan. When 3 G was released it contributed to week-one 3DS console sales that surpassed the actual launch of the system, and the game itself passed 1.5 million...

  • News Natsume Teases Announcement of 'Celebration' Game

    What could it be?

    While some publishers or developers like to tease with vague images or high-production trailers, others do it the old-fashioned way — with hints to puzzle our gaming minds. Natsume, publisher of recent titles such as Harvest Moon 3D: The Tale of Two Towns and Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove, along with a significant number of titles...

  • News Aonuma Drops a Note About More Zelda Titles

    You have mail, maybe

    It's not a surprise to hear that Eiji Aonuma, producer of The Legend of Zelda series, is once again teasing more releases on 3DS. We've heard rumours of a 3D remastering of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, the possibility of a remake of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, and Aonuma himself referring to a continuation o

  • News Pokémon Director Hypes up Sunday Announcement

    Oh Masuda, you tease...

    At the start of this week you may have seen the news that Pokémon Director Junichi Masuda teased something for Sunday, saying that all would be revealed on Japanese TV show Pokémon Smash. Speculation naturally followed, and Masuda has decided to up the ante with a post on his English-translated Game Freak blog page. His...

  • News Pokémon Director Teases Something for Sunday

    We're not sure what

    Game Freak director Junichi Masuda has brushed off a fan question about a sequel to Pokémon Black & White with a hint to watch out this Sunday. Asked at a public Q&A for information on a follow-up to Black and White — likely the inevitable Pokémon Grey — Masuda said: I can't answer that yet. Well, I can say to...

  • News Mysterious Teaser Image Hints at BIT.TRIP 3D

    CommanderVideo to return?

    It's pretty certain that Gaijin Games is developing for 3DS, but the team isn't yet ready to share any concrete details. However, this mysterious teaser image just arrived in our inbox here at Nintendo Life, pointing to a possible 3D excursion for CommanderVideo. Bear in mind that as with most things posted today there's...

  • News Gaijin Games Releases BIT.TRIP Teaser

    Can you figure it all out?

    Alex Neuse and the guys over at Gaijin Games have always enjoyed toying with their fans when it comes to their BIT.TRIP series and it seems this time will be no different. We've already seen the name BIT.TRIP FLUX pop up on various sites as the probable name for the sixth and final entry in the series and when we contacted...

  • News Horizon Riders Sets its Sights on WiiWare

    Teaser trailer for Sabarasa's next project

    The Wii has played host to some great shooters in its time, from arcade hits to brand new titles from genre masters Treasure, and Sabarasa is preparing to bring one more to WiiWare in the form of Horizon Riders. Although the company's released little information so far, the teaser trailer below shows an...

  • News Hudson Enlightens Us with Lost In Shadow Teaser

    Lose yourself in this intriguing new video

    Hudson Entertainment recently debuted a teaser for its upcoming Wii title Lost in Shadow (otherwise known as Tower of Shadow and A Shadow's Tale), starring a shadow and his Sylph companion. The latter will manipulate the light source and the former will utilize the dynamics of luminescence to climb a...

  • News Time Travellers Webpage Up, Debut Artwork

    Level-5 updates website with its new "suspense themed time-travel" game

    Following on from Akihiro Hino and Jiro Ishii's rather mysterious announcement of Level-5's new video game with a time-travel theme, we have the first piece of artwork of Time Travellers (via AndriaSang). The company has also updated its website with the g

  • News Miyamoto Ready to Cough Up Nintencats Furball?

    Investor meeting teases upcoming feline fun

    Years and years ago, following the runaway success of super-cute puppy sim Nintendogs, Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned he was more of a cat person, leading everyone and their dog to point towards Nintencats clawing its needy way onto DS. Here we are, some four years later, and Mr Miyamoto has just let out a little tease that purrhaps it's on the horizon..

  • News Hudson Launches Calling Teaser Site

    There's something sinister online

    The 2009 spooky-spooky season is just beginning, and in a timely fashion Hudson Soft has launched a teaser Web site over at kuroeight.com for their upcoming Wii creep-fest Calling. The Web site lets you poke around a suspiciously dark and seedy room, exploring clues and newspaper clippings strewn about. It's somewhat barren, but Hudson promises updates over the..

  • News LostWinds: Winter of the Melodias Teaser Trailer Appears

    Footage of WiiWare sequel hits the net

    The original LostWinds was rather good, by all accounts. For the record, we absolutely adored it and it quickly became WiiWare's first "must have" download. Therefore it should come as no surprise to learn that we're rather excited about the upcoming sequel, Winter of the Melodias. The recent unveiling of the official teaser trailer has done nothing..

  • News Gaijin Games Releases Third Teaser Image

    Have you figured it out yet? We haven't.

    Alex Neuse, CEO of Gaijin Games, has just informed us that yet another new image has been added to their www.explorethevoid.com web site. As you can see, we're getting a more detailed picture as they keep updating the page. Hopefully we'll get an eyeful of their newest title soon. As usual, we'll keep you...

  • News Gaijin Games Releases Another Teaser Image

    Here's a new pic to help you figure it all out!

    We just got word that the image on www.explorethevoid.com has been updated. I'm beginning to think that my idea of the satellite might be closer than I originally thought. We'd love to hear your thoughts on this newest teaser image and what you think this new title might be.

  • News Gaijin Games Releases Teaser for New Game

    Can you figure out what they're trying to tell us?

    Well Alex Neuse of Gaijin Games has just sent us their newest teaser for their upcoming WiiWare title. This teaser even has its own site that you can go check out to see if you can figure out what this whole thing is all about. We'd love hear any ideas you guys might have as to what this whole...

  • News Gaijin Games Releases BIT.TRIP Teaser

    Can you figure this one out?

    Gaijin Games has dropped off another coded message via this months Nintendo Power magazine for gamers to begin speculating about. You can check out the message below to see if you can make heads or tails of it. Those guys at Gaijin Games sure like to play with our heads, don't they? :D...

  • News Another Hint at a New Tingle Game: Teaser Website

    Tingle's next adventure looks to be a sequel to his previous DS outing.

    Nintendo of Japan has launched a teaser website for what is now pretty much confirmed to be an upcoming new Tingle game for DS. There's really not much to do on it yet - You can get Chiko's mum (A character from Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland) to tell you your fortune by shuffling some cards and then picking one,..

  • News Tingle to Star in Another Game?

    Everybody's favourite green spandex-wearing fairy wannabe might get another game.

    The latest issue of Famitsu has a page-sized teaser for what appears to be a new Tingle game for the DS. Logic assumes that this will be a sequel to his 2007 RPG, Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland, which was only released in Japan and Europe. As it's just a teaser...

  • News Official Punch Out!! Site Reveals New Brawler

    Nintendo is being SUCH a tease, you guys!

    We already know that many familiar faces will be returning in the Wii version of Punch Out!!, but Nintendo has confirmed that new characters will be present also. The Punch Out!! website now has a little teaser online which shows the outline of a new challenger, along with the words 'Coming Soon'. Could Iron...