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  • Feature Dashing Through Super Meat Boy and Catching Up with Tommy Refenes

    "It’s like coming back to an old friend"

    One of the break-out indie titles to go mainstream was the original Super Meat Boy; back in 2010 it was lavished with praise and won over plenty of gamers. Now returning and hoping to skewer the competition, we have Super Meat Boy Forever. Changing the gameplay up whilst keeping the traditional...

  • News Super Meat Boy May Be Coming to the Wii U

    "Wii haven't forgotten about U"

    For those of you with long memories, Super Meat Boy was actually set to release for the WiiWare service back in 2009. After a lengthy series of delays, it finally got canned in 2010; likely as a result of the miniscule file size restrictions for WiiWare. Indeed, this was difficult news for many, and it was made...

  • News Team Meat's Name Originated From a "Random" Nintendo Press Release

    "It'd be an honour to be featured on a Nintendo console but"...

    It's almost forgotten history now, but there was a time when Super Meat Boy was coming to the WiiWare service — we even interviewed Team Meat when half of us was called WiiWare World, with the Nintendo system a priority for the small development studio at that point in February 2009...

  • News Team Meat: "We Never Said eShop Limit is 2GB"

    "Don't know what it is!

    Yesterday we reported that the eShop game size limit is 2GB, but Team Meat's Tommy Refenes has taken to Twitter to say he never claimed it was 2GB. Refenes, via the Super Meat Boy account, said: Never said that 2GB was the size restriction on eShop. I do not know what it is. Reset button hit.

  • News WiiWare Super Meat Boy Gets Canned

    You might want to sit down for this one

    It seems Team Meat has decided that WiiWare is not a good fit for Super Meat Boy and have officially cancelled the game's development for the service. They've also let it be known that a Wii retail release is also looking grim, which pretty much lays to rest any semblance of hope that we'll see the boy of meat...

  • News Super Meat Boy May Skip WiiWare and Head to Retail

    Would you buy it on disc for $20?

    The ongoing struggles of Super Meat Boy's WiiWare existence are well-documented, but here's a quick recap. Originally available on PC, the game was slated to be a WiiWare-exclusive on consoles before announced as heading to Xbox Live Arcade, where it landed several weeks ago. Just the other day Team Meat announced...

  • News Super Meat Boy Will Miss November Launch Window

    Game proving tricky to tenderise below 40MB

    Team Meat's bloody platformer Super Meat Boy has well and truly caught gamers' attention, stacking up rave reviews and selling well on its Xbox Live Arcade debut. Sadly the studio has just announced the game won't launch on WiiWare in November as originally proposed: attention internets, the wii version...

  • More Impressions Super Meat Boy

    A game with a lot of Meat on its bone!

    For anyone that's followed the independent gaming scene over the years, you know all too well how much talent and creativity many of these games feature. And now with digital download services like Nintendo's WiiWare and Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade, many of these indie developers are finally getting the chance...

  • News Super Meat Boy Should be on the WiiWare Menu Soon

    Check out the new images from the Hell chapter

    If you're looking forward to Team Meat's upcoming Super Meat Boy then you're in luck, as the latest post on the developers' official blog has announced that the Xbox Live Arcade version is now content complete. With the XBLA game nearing the finish line, that means Team Meat will be able to concentrate...

  • News Super Meat Boy Coming to Xbox Live Arcade

    Red meat is heading into the red ring!

    Well Meat fans, hold onto your shorts. It seems our beloved and much-anticipated WiiWare release Super Meat Boy is going to be doing a little moonlighting on another download service. We've just learned that Super Meat Boy will not only be making an appearance on Xbox Live Arcade, but it's going to debut there...

  • First Impressions Super Meat Boy - Part 2

    We take the latest build for a spin.

    As the agonizing wait continues for Team Meat's upcoming WiiWare release Super Meat Boy, we can't help but turn into a bunch of giddy schoolgirls each time we're fortunate enough to get our hands on a new preview build of the game. We had only just begun to wipe the grin off of our faces since the last preview when this newest build arrived to us today courtesy..

  • News New Super Meat Boy Details

    Team Meat let loose a few new details.

    I was fortunate enough to get the chance to speak to Edmund McMillen from Team Meat today and he let me in on some new information about their upcoming WiiWare platformer Super Meat Boy. So without further ado, let's get to it. We mentioned in past news items that the game will feature quite a few hidden characters from other independent game titles. Some have..

  • First Impressions Super Meat Boy

    We take Team Meat's upcoming platformer for a spin.

    The guys over at Team Meat were kind enough to send over a preview build of their upcoming PC/WiiWare title Super Meat Boy yesterday and we've spent the past few hours putting it through its paces and snapping a few screenshots in the process. The guys at Team Meat did want us to make sure and remind readers that this is a beta version of the game..

  • News Super Meat Boy Developer Hospitalized

    Edmund McMillen recovers but faces tough bills.

    Despite Team Meat's penchant for heavy doses of tomfoolery, this is no joke or lame "Viral Marketing" technique: Team Meat Developer Edmund McMillen was hospitalized Sunday night with gall bladder inflammation. He required surgery to have it removed. Making matters complicated is the fact that Edmund...

  • News Super Meat Boy Development Update

    A little information update on Team Meat's upcoming WiiWare title.

    Well I just got a sneak peek at the brand new Super Meat Boy trailer that the guys at Team Meat will be showing at the upcoming Nintendo Media Summit in London and I have to say, the game is looking absolutely amazing! Not only are there quite a few little retro gaming surprises in...

  • News Commander Video's Meat Makeover

    Bit.Trip protagonist gets a fresh coat of beef for his Super Meat Boy appearance.

    This story has been out for a few days, and Team Meat let it slip awhile ago that Commander Video would make a cameo, but we're just so anxious for Super Meat Boy that we couldn't help but to devote another post to it: Edmund McMillen recently posted a design of the...

  • Interviews Super Meat Boy - Team Meat

    The insane guys at Team Meat lay it all out for your viewing pleasure.

    We recently caught up with Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes of Team Meat and took the opportunity to get a progress report on the development of their upcoming WiiWare title Super Meat Boy. Now before we proceed with the interview, it's worth mentioning that this little Q&A...

  • News Super Meat Boy Creators Hosting Live Q & A Today

    Webcam info session is today (July 2nd, 2009) at 5 PM PST.

    Those who are interested in the WiiWare-bound indie game Super Meat Boy (which includes many of us here at Nintendo Life) will be pleased to know that its often-facetious creators Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes are hosting a live question and answer web cam chat today. Starting at 5 PM...

  • News Video Game Plush to Cuddle

    Now you can snuggle up with your favorite video game systems and characters.

    Ever wanted to cuddle up with that DS system only to find the corner digging into your side? Or snuggle up with a big hunk of meat only to find the smell unbearable? If so we've got a solution to your problem. First off we have several lovely plushes created by French crafter Marine Beloir in the shape of a DS or classic..

  • News Controversial Super Meat Boy Advertisement

    Team Meat attempts to stir up some interest in their upcoming WiiWare title.

    As far as advertising goes, there are several ways to draw attention to your product. You can pay thousands of dollars to an advertising firm to come up with an extremely catchy slogan or jingle that will make your product instantly recognizable to consumers, or you can do...

  • News Team Meat Interview - Super Meat Boy

    Team Meat's Super Meat Boy title might be very early in development for the WiiWare service, but it's never to early to dig for a little new information on the game. With the popularity of the flash version of the game already creating some anticipation for the game, we couldn't resist touching base with the developers in an effort to pry a few tidbits of information out of them.

    We recently caught..

  • News Meat Boy Plushie and Musical Track Now Available

    If you're feeling like getting into the Super Meat Boy spirit, you can now surf over to the Super Meat Boy Blog and purchase your very own Meat Boy plushie. How can you resist a cute little plushie that's in the shape of a piece of meat?

    Edmund has also just posted one of the first musical tracks from the Super Meat Boy game for your listening enjoyment as well. You can check it out below. If..

  • News Super Meat Boy Slides Onto WiiWare Later This Year

    If you're familiar with flash game site Newgrounds you're no doubt aware that there's some very talented game creators there - Some of the contributors even formed their own videogame company, The Behemoth, and made Alien Hominid and Castle Crashers for consoles.

    It's now been announced that yet another Newgrounds game is taking the step to consoles. Meat Boy, created by Edmund McMillen, will be..