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    Pretty sharp

    Fans of video game-themed webcomics have no doubt seen or are familiar with the Nintendo-inspired Brawl in the Family strip. Though the comic has concluded now, its creator – Matthew Taranto – went on to create a music themed game featuring the art that made his comic so popular. Tadpole Treble is a wonderfully charming experience...

  • News Tadpole Treble Releases on Wii U on 11th August

    Music to our ears

    Some of you may remember Tadpole Treble, a fascinating rhythm action game created by Matthew Taranto, the creator of Brawl in the Family. The game officially released on other platforms this past spring, but the Wii U version didn't materialize. This was clarified later on to be the result of struggles getting the game through...

  • News Tadpole Treble Hits Snag On Wii U, Now Expected This Summer

    "I didn't come this far to not have my game on a Nintendo system, by gum!"

    Tadpole Treble was supposed to be with us this March, but the Kickstarter-funded title missed that release date. We've now had an update on why that was the case, as well as a revised release window of Summer. It seems that the game has hit some snags when it comes to...

  • News Tadpole Treble is Expected to Launch in March on the Wii U eShop

    From the creator of Brawl in the Family

    Those of you who like to read webcomics may be familiar with Brawl in the Family. Drawn and written by Matthew Taranto, the comic series primarily featured various Nintendo characters that starred in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, later expanding beyond Smash into other Nintendo releases. Though the comic has now...