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  • Review Superhot - Super Fun, Sort Of Brief


    Putting everything on the Nintendo Switch may have started out as a joke, but now it’s becoming painfully obvious that life imitates memes more than the other way around. With the latest cult classic Superhot catapulting itself onto the Switch at its own very figurative pace, what’s next? We’re not here to discuss that right now, but...

  • News Stylish Shooter Superhot Takes Aim At Nintendo Switch Today

    Slow it down

    Just as the rumours suggested, Superhot Team's iconic FPS title Superhot is coming to the Nintendo Switch today. Superhot is quite unlike any FPS title you've played before, in that time only moves when you do. This mechanic is evolved further by the fact that one bullet can kill you and ammo drops don't exist; instead, you must weave...

  • News Superhot Director Really Wants To Bring The Game To Nintendo Switch

    "Nintendo is good with their stuff. Superhot would fit there well"

    We've had our strongest indication yet that unique time-bending shooter Superhot could be coming to Switch. Speaking to Destructoid at Poland's Digital Dragons convention, director Piotr Iwanicki revealed that a Switch port is actively being considered: There are plans...