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  • Review Super Toy Cars (Switch eShop)

    Tabletop chaos

    Everybody loves a bit of Micro Machines, right? Driving toy cars around the most ordinary bits of scenery you can imagine is strangely fun; many kids can happily drive their parents round the bend by whizzing little plastic vehicles up and down the walls, and a whole host of video games have tried to replicate the very idea over the...

  • Interview Eclipse Games on Driving for the Podium With Super Toy Cars

    Charging off the grid

    Super Toy Cars is a recent arrival on the Wii U eShop, satisfying the appetite some will have for even more racing on the system; it's also on PC. It takes a fairly unique approach and includes a track editor, though at launch the experience is offline-only, with online leaderboards on the agenda; the emphasis is on local...

  • Review Super Toy Cars (Wii U eShop)

    Straight out the toy box

    This summer, it could be argued that the demand for a non-realistic racing game on Wii U has well and truly been met, and another kart-style title is perhaps at the bottom of our wish list as a result. However, standing tall in the face of its moustachioed overlords, Eclipse Games has treated the eShop to an extra slice of...