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    Get to the chopper!

    Not to be confused with a certain furry-tailed Nintendo character, Big John Games' Strike Force Foxx is a helicopter rescue game starring humans. Heavily inspired by the 1982 computer game Choplifter, its retro roots show in its simple, action-oriented gameplay and tongue-in-cheek '80s action movie story. There is charm to be...

  • News Strike Force Foxx Is What You Get When You Mix Choplifter With The A-Team

    Big John Games is putting the finishing touches to its next 3DS eShop game

    Big John Games has revealed some details about its next 3DS eShop venture, entitled Strike Force Foxx. Described by company president Ken Patterson as an "over the top" action title which "harkens back to '80s action style television shows" like Airwolf and The A-Team,...