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  • News Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer Getting Monster Hunter Items Next Month

    Felyne groovy

    Nintendo has revealed that Monster Hunter content is coming to Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer in November. Next week in Europe (9th November in North America) a SpotPass update will bring a Felyne to the game, and with it some Monster Hunter-related items. Are you looking forward to decorating houses with piles of bones?...

  • Video This Harmless Exploit Will Help You Grab All Those StreetPass Puzzle Pieces

    All thanks to those special guest Miis

    Occasionally Nintendo sends out special guest StreetPass Mii characters, either representing popular executives like Satoru Iwata and Reggie Fils-Amie, or occasionally lead developers from major releases. Just last week Nintendo also issued an 'Honest Abe' Lincoln Mii to celebrate the arrival of Code Name:...

  • News StreetPass Relay Point Improvements and Free SpotPass Content Announced

    Rack up those hits

    While not necessarily the biggest news to come out of today's Nintendo Direct broadcasts, there have been updates on the StreetPass Relay service that utilises Wi-Fi hotspots to give 3DS owners much needed hits. In Europe it's been confirmed that, as of 14th November, relay points around the region will begin to provide the last...

  • News Satoru Iwata's Mii Respectfully Asks To Infiltrate Your 3DS

    Nintendo boss is available via SpotPass

    If you've switched on your 3DS today, you'll have noticed a special visitor in your Mii Plaza — Nintendo's very own Satoru Iwata. Clad in a green Luigi cap, Iwata kindly reminds you of the date of the next Nintendo Direct, before informing you that his most-played 3DS game is Luigi's Mansion 2. He clearly...

  • News Fire Emblem: Awakening SpotPass Content Going Into Battle Today

    New and free content every two weeks

    Fire Emblem: Awakening has been critically acclaimed and earned plenty of praise from Nintendo gamers since its arrival in North America; whether it's the expansive amount of content and gameplay, clever tweaks to the formula or polished mechanics, it's been popular in the Nintendo Life community and, frankly,...

  • Feature Mii Plaza Puzzle Panels We Want to See

    Why not?

    Yesterday we brought you an image, and the YouTube video to match it, of the McDonald's Big Mac Mii Plaza puzzle panel that's available in Japan: squeals of excitement could be heard and minds were well and truly blown. Or not, as it was just a picture of a burger, albeit with the added gloss of 3D. Still, it's proof that Nintendo is...

  • News New Super Mario Bros. 2 Global Coin Total Surpasses 50 Billion

    That's a whole lot of coins collected!

    If you live in Europe or North America and have enabled SpotPass on New Super Mario Bros. 2 you should have recently received your first update to let you know how many coins have been collected by Mario fans globally. We reported on this a few days ago when Japanese players got their first update, at that...

  • News New Super Mario Bros. 2 Worldwide Coin Total Surpasses 36 Billion

    May be used to buy 17% of Apple

    Those of you that have picked up New Super Mario Bros. 2 have probably also enabled SpotPass, which will be used to contribute your haul to the world coin total. We'd also assume that Nintendo will send regular updates so we can all see how ludicrously high that total gets. While there haven't been any updates as yet...

  • News Grab Your Kirby 20th Anniversary Puzzle Swap Piece Now


    If you're a Kirby fan, you'll want to check the blue SpotPass light that's blinking on your 3DS today. Nintendo has released a brand new Puzzle Swap panel to celebrate the upcoming release of Kirby's Dream Collection: Special Edition on Wii. Internet-connected 3DS systems will receive a SpotPass message informing them of the new treat. With...

  • News New Puzzle Panel Lands Via SpotPass

    Open for business

    3DS owners, make sure your wireless switch is on: Nintendo just sent out a new puzzle panel for StreetPass Puzzle Swap. The new picture of Mario Tennis Open is a 40-piece puzzle, which should last you a fair old while. We haven't heard of any other pictures coming through yet, but if you get a different image then be sure to let us...

  • News More 3D Music Videos On the Way to 3DS

    Starting today

    3DS owners in North America, observe: your console is about to get a lot more musical. Starting today, the Nintendo Video app will start to offer new 3D music videos, with Sabotage by Wale and So Good by B.o.B the first to land on this very day. After that you can expect videos from Skrillex, OK Go, Death Cab for Cutie and more, all...

  • Feature The Evolving Role of Swapnote

    More than just a letter box

    Nintendo Letter Box, also known by the catchier title of Swapnote in North America, filled a notable gap in the 3DS’ functionality when it was launched in late December last year. When the handheld launched various features were bare-bone or missing, and one frustrating omission was the lack of any meaningful way to...

  • News Nintendo Sends Out New StreetPass Puzzle

    Pick up the pieces

    Puzzle Swap is one of the most compelling reasons to take your 3DS out and about, but if you've completed all the puzzle panels — yes, even the ones in the November update — you'll be pleased to know Nintendo has just released a new puzzle via SpotPass. 3DS owners with their consoles connected to the internet will receive a...

  • News Kid Icarus: Uprising Gives New SpotPass Weapons Every Day

    Getting stronger all the time

    Masahiro Sakurai has revealed players will be able to grab new weapons for Kid Icarus: Uprising through SpotPass. Speaking at the on-going Nintendo Direct, Sakurai spoke about the system's StreetPass and SpotPass functions opening up new ways to share and create weapons. Players will be able to get new Power Gems to...

  • News More Free 3DS Wi-Fi Spots Confirmed for Europe

    Careful with that ketchup

    Nintendo has today announced more than 5,000 new Wi-Fi Hotspots available through Europe. After previously confirming an equivalent deal for UK airports, this provides further evidence that Nintendo is serious about its promises to provide online 3DS access at a variety of locations. This particular deal has been struck...

  • News Nintendo Zone Heading to UK Airports

    It's taking off

    Nintendo UK has confirmed an agreement with the curiously-named Boingo Wireless to provide free Wi-Fi access in a number of major British airports, a move that will also bring Nintendo Zone to the UK for the first time. This is ideal news for jet-setters who fancy a bit of eShop browsing while waiting for their flight. It's important...

  • News Mario Kart 7 Online Features Come Into View

    Group effort

    As promised, Nintendo has opened up about the online features in its big multiplayer title for 2011, Mario Kart 7. One of the big new features is the ability to create groups for your friends, letting you organise players into specific skill, location or friendship groups, with these shared via StreetPass too. You can also custom rules...

  • News 3DS Trailers Allow You to Receive SpotPass Notifications

    More than just a video

    A set of seven new 3D trailers hit the eShop today, but like the Nintendo Life team they're not just pretty to look at: they serve a higher purpose too. Downloading any of the trailers also allows you in to receive SpotPass notifications for that title in future by playing the video, selecting "Notifications" and...

  • News Nintendo Joins The Cloud for UK 3DS WiFi Coverage

    5,000 new hotspots

    The 3DS's innovative SpotPass service — where the console automatically downloads content as you carry it around — is contingent on there being easily discoverable, unsecured WiFi access. While gamers in North America have access to 10,000 AT&T hotspots, there's been no such deal for the UK — until now. Nintendo UK will...

  • News First DOA Dimensions SpotPass Content Now Available in UK and Europe

    And more scheduled to arrive

    Dead or Alive: Dimensions releases today in the UK and Europe, and it's already taking advantage of the SpotPass service with downloadable content available today. Once you pick up your copy, head to a hotspot or your own home Wi-Fi broadband connection to receive a brand new costume for Kasumi. You can also face Kasumi as controlled by a CPU replication of Team Ninja..

  • News Nintendo and Best Buy Team Up for Exclusive 3DS Content

    SpotPass in store

    Following the official North American 3DS launch at Best Buy in New York back in March, Nintendo is to continue its relationship with the retailer by offering exclusive downloadable content for the console at around 1,000 stores from 7th June. As well as offering 3DS users access to the SpotPass service, which sees the console...

  • News Get a Gold Blanka Figurine Via SpotPass Now

    Or read the code inside

    SpotPass, so we're told, will deliver fresh updates straight to your 3DS: new characters, new content, all automatically and for free. Don't believe us? Ask a Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition player, as they recently received a new figurine from Capcom through thin air. While a level 7 golden Blanka statue doesn't sound...

  • News AT&T Grants 3DS Owners Free Access to 10,000 Hotspots

    SpotPass just got easier

    The 3DS's new SpotPass feature is designed to let the console automatically seek out new content every time it comes within range of a wireless Internet hotspot, a feature that just got a lot more useful across North America as Nintendo President Satoru Iwata announced a new collaboration between the company and AT&T that will see 10,000 hotspots opened up to console..

  • News Iwata: Monthly 3G Fees Will Decrease the NGP Userbase

    We wouldn't want that to happen with the 3DS, would we?

    He may think that the 3DS and Sony's Next Generation Portable (NGP) will appeal to different demographics, but intrinsically, the two systems share more in common with each other than the rivals let on. One difference however, is the inclusion of a 3G service on the NGP, and Iwata has shared his thoughts on the possible implications of..

  • News Nintendo Considered Monthly Fee for 3DS Always-On Internet

    Went with SpotPass instead

    Nintendo's idea with the 3DS is, in the company's own words, "Carry Around, Affect Each Other and Something New Every Day". At one time there was a rumour that 3DS would contain 3G functionality, allowing gamers to access the Internet wherever they were as a modern mobile phone would, and president Satoru Iwata confirmed the company looked into the feature but..

  • News SpotPass is Essentially WiiConnect24 for 3DS

    Get new content just by leaving the machine on

    The 3DS's StreetPass feature maximises the console's portability by offering interactive features with no user input required, but Nintendo hasn't ignored the machine's at home functions, creating a system called SpotPass to enable the 3DS to communicate via the Internet whilst in Sleep Mode. Working in...