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  • Video Check Out the Launch Trailer for Slain!

    It's pretty metal

    Some of you may remember Slain!, the upcoming sidescrolling action game that seems to be drawing plenty of inspiration from Castlevania. A while back, it was delayed until summer due to the fact that the developers made the game just a little bit too hard for most audiences. Fortunately, it seems that this issue has been cleared...

  • News Slain! Wii U Release Date Has Been Delayed to Summer

    The game is simply too hard, at the moment

    Some of you may remember Slain!, an old-school platformer revealed last year to be coming to Wii U. The game appears to be heavily inspired by Castlevania, with all manner of ghouls and monsters doing whatever they can to ruin the protagonist's day. Backed by a heavy metal soundtrack and featuring...