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  • News Neon Deity Games is Working on Bringing Shutshimi to Europe

    No firm dates, but hopefully in the next few months.

    Shutshimi was a unique shmup that released on the eShop a couple weeks ago. Featuring retro style visuals and a fast-paced Warioware style approach to enemy waves, we thought that it was a pretty good time. Up until recently, it was uncertain when the game would be brought over to Europe, but it...

  • Review Shütshimi (Wii U eShop)

    You'll be hooked

    Choice Provisions has established a reputation for putting out some high quality, but weird games such as the BIT.TRIP Saga and Woah Dave!. Shütshimi is the latest title to be published by the studio, and while there are some issues with shallow gameplay, the retro-inspired strangeness of the whole affair makes for an entertaining...