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  • News Wii Mini Doesn't Include an SD Slot

    Just another thing to add to the list

    It has been discovered that the recently unveiled Wii Mini system does not have an SD card slot. The new miniaturised Wii, which — bizarrely enough — will only be available to purchase in Canada, is a cut-down version of the original Wii that lacks online functionality or GameCube backward compatibility...

  • News Wii Storage Solution Solved - Finally A Use For The SD Card Slot!

    Finally after lots of debate about if Nintendo would ever do anything about the Wii’s lack of internal storage space for WiiWare and Virtual Console games a solution has arrived!

    With the Wii’s puny internal storage space (2050 blocks or so) getting completely filled up by downloading only a handful of WiiWare games with larger file sizes, it was clear that something needed to be done. Many..

  • News SD Card Game Launching + Arcade Games Available on VC Now!

    During Satoru Iwata's GDC keynote Nintendo was sneaky enough to release a Wii update for all regions - This features two long-wanted new things for your Wii!

    First off, you can now finally do what Nintendo promised months ago. If you update your Wii now you will get a little blue icon of an SD card at the bottom of your Wii Menu - Clicking it lets...

  • News Nintendo "Working On A Solution" To Storage Problems

    Finally, Gamesindustry.biz get the scoop that the "geeks and Otaku" have been waiting for.

    In an interview with Laurent Fischer (famous for his "geek" quote a few weeks ago) has admitted that Nintendo are "working on a solution to the problem". While a USB storage device has been rumoured many believe that the update will be a firmware upgrade allowing downloaded games to be..

  • News Excite Truck Custom Soundtracks

    Following the success of custom soundtracks in XBOX games it seems that Nintendo have jumped on board with a similar feature for their high octane racer Excite Truck.

    US review copies have confirmed the rumour that you will be able to upload a total of 100 tracks from an SD card into the game to be used as a soundtrack. You simply insert an SD card with your MP3's loaded onto into the Nintendo..