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    Review Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3

    ​Live by the sword, grind by the sword

    Koei's hack and slash franchise returns to Nintendo platforms with Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 – a title that provides a more personal touch when it comes to retelling the events of Japanese history. This is a game that's largely about your own custom made character, as you follow a mostly historically...

  • News Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 Won't Include Zelda Costumes In The West

    Outfits designated as exclusive to Japan

    Koei Tecmo has revealed that the Western release of the 3DS title Samurai Warriors: Chronicles 3 will not come with the unique Zelda-themed content that launched alongside the Japanese edition. When the game was released in Japan, Link and Zelda outfits - lifted from the Wii U brawler Hyrule Warriors - could...