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    Stark roving mad

    So what exactly does an adventurer do after they beat the last boss? This is the question Padaone Games' Roving Rogue poses to its players, and it gives a pretty straightforward answer: they walk back to the first level, of course. Kurt the Righteous does just that in this light platforming adventure, which begins promisingly but...

  • News Co-Op Teleporting Platformer Roving Rogue Releases On Wii U eShop July 2nd

    What's left to do after the final boss?

    Roving Rogue is a unique take on a classic formula. Players control an adventurer named Kurt who has just defeated the final boss in a castle. Traditionally the reward is a kiss from a princess, but on this particular occasion, the hero has forgotten why he’s even in this castle in the first place. This...