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  • Remake Request Super Metroid 3D on Nintendo 3DS

    If Nintendo needs an easy win for a portable Metroid, here it is

    In this revived series of features we'll look at games we feel merit remakes and remasters, either to celebrate their impact or to bring them to a new audience. The Metroid franchise is in an odd state of limbo, which we certainly hope will be resolved with an announcement of some...

  • Remake Request Burning Rangers

    Hot stuff

    It’s 1998. The Saturn, my beloved NiGHTS-playing machine, is undeniably on its last legs here in the UK but with the trusty Sega Saturn Magazine as my guide and the likes of Panzer Dragoon Zwei and Street Fighter Alpha 2 to play I didn't care so long as there was something to look forward to. Sonic Team could do no wrong, and their final...

  • Remake Request Virtua Fighter 2

    A 3D 3D fighter, if you see what we mean

    It may be celebrating its twentieth anniversary in November this year, but Sega’s classic 3D fighter is a game that’s arguably showing little sign of age. A technical marvel in the '90s both in arcades and at home on the Saturn, the passage of time has done nothing to this game other than prove that it...

  • Remake Request ActRaiser

    Playing God

    Back when the Super Nintendo launched in Japan — where it was of course known as the Super Famicom — it was accompanied by some truly remarkable titles. As a young (and loyal) Sega Mega Drive owner at the time, for me personally it was torture to see the likes of Pilotwings, F-Zero and

  • Remake Request Shining The Holy Ark

    Why Sega's Saturn dungeon crawler would be perfect for a 3DS remaster

    While Shining Force continues to entertain players in some form or another with its own brand of deep tactical gameplay, it's worth remembering that the Shining line of games didn't begin life on a grid-based battlefield. The first instalment — Shining in the Darkness — was a...

  • Remake Request Captain Blood

    Clone alone

    The medium of video gaming has arguably witnessed some of the most ridiculous story lines in the history of humankind. Let’s face it, if you went to a literary agent with the concept of a portly Italian plumber giving up hunting giant apes and travelling to a land filled with talking mushrooms to save a princess from the clutches of a...

  • Remake Request Langrisser

    Fire Emblem's old rival deserves a second chance

    As you dig yourself into Fire Emblem: Awakening’s monstrously addictive campaign, spare a thought for some of the other turn-based strategy RPGs which haven’t been given the chance to impress an entirely fresh generation of players. Like Langrisser, for example. Chances are, unless you really know...

  • Remake Request Princess Crown

    We explain why this 2D classic needs another shot at glory

    In the first of a new series of features, we take a look at a game that is badly in need of a remake on a Nintendo system. Princess Crown might sound like the kind of game you’d expect your little sister to play, but it’s actually the first release from the team that would eventually...