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  • News Nintendo's Upcoming U.S. Release Schedule Gets Updated

    Metroid: Other M and Sin & Punishment: Star Successor get pushed back

    Summer is slowly on its way and with it, brings the annual wave of big releases. Sadly though, the pace at which the tip of this wave is arriving is rubbing off on some highly anticipated games. Nintendo has just informed us that whilst some titles have been marked with release...

  • News Nintendo Will Release 3DS in October

    Step into the third dimension two months before Christmas

    Computer and Video Games.com has a tasty rumor that Nintendo plans to release their follow-up to the hugely successful DS this October. One of their senior sources added: In my experience, you don't launch a product that early to Christmas unless you're confident in it - and going to spend a...

  • News WiiWare and DSiWare Release Dates Announced

    Download services keep on rolling!

    Nintendo has just announced the release schedule for their DSiWare and WiiWare services at their Media Summit in San Francisco and it looks like the Nintendo digital download services are about to really heat up. You can check out the full press release on these releases below and we'll have new screenshots on some...