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    Review Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology

    You can go home again

    The 3DS may be getting on these days, but it’s certainly got plenty to show for its half-dozen years on the scene, including an astoundingly impressive collection of RPGs. ATLUS has been a prolific contributor to this corner of its library, and alongside original titles such as Shin Megami Tensei IV, Persona Q, and Stella...

  • News Atlus Is Bringing Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology to the West in 2018

    It’s about time

    A few months ago, Famitsu revealed that Atlus would be doing a 3DS remake of Radiant Historia, a 2011 RPG on the DS that flew under a lot of radars. Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology aims to add new story content and better visuals to the game, while also no doubt also attempting to drum up interest in a possible sequel. It...

  • News Atlus Reveals Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology For 3DS

    An enhanced remake of the DS classic

    Yesterday, we reported on a mysterious new teaser site from Atlus which pointed towards a new Radiant Historia title in development. The page mentioned that more would be revealed in a Famitsu piece on the 23rd, but it seems that the reveal in question has already been leaked online. The game in development is...

  • News Atlus Launches a Teaser Site Hinting at a New Radiant Historia

    Yes, please

    Relatively late in the life of the Nintendo DS, Atlus released a fascinating RPG called Radiant Historia which was quite well received. Borrowing heavily from Chrono Trigger, Radiant Historia similarly revolved around time travel, with the main draw being that you could travel along the timeline and cause different effects which resulted...