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  • Memory Pak The Best Puzzles Are The Ones That Make You Want To Throw Things At The TV

    A puzzling reaction

    Welcome to the latest instalment in our new-ish column, Memory Pak, where we're going to be doing a deep-dive into some of the most memorable moments in gaming – good and bad. This time, Kate discusses her puzzle tantrums... The first time I played Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, it was under the supervision of my partner. It...

  • Review Banana Bliss: Jungle Puzzles (3DS eShop)

    A jungle trek that won't break the bank

    Simplicity isn't always a bad thing. Handheld titles are inherently more limited in technical scope than their more advanced home console contemporaries, but that doesn't necessarily make them lesser games. The 3DS eShop has had no shortage of downloadable beauties in 2013, ranging from simple to sublime, and...