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  • Review PixlCross (Wii U eShop)

    More room for squares

    Picross games are something of a staple on Nintendo's DS and 3DS lines, but haven't seen much action on home consoles. Indie developer Pixlbit Studios seeks to change all that with PixlCross for the Wii U, and the results are good despite some wonkiness. If you haven't yet played a Picross game the rules are quite simple: each...

  • Interview Solving the Puzzle of PixlCross on Wii U

    PixlBit Studios went from Picross addicts to Wii U developers

    Nintendo's systems have played host to various unlikely game genres, and Picross can certainly be considered one example. The history of the puzzle genre goes right back to the Game Boy, and on the 3DS eShop we've also had numerous Picross e releases. Let's not forget, either, that My...