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  • News FIFA Rival Pro Evolution Soccer Won't Be Making The Switch This Year

    So much for "getting closer"

    Last month, Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer brand manager for Latin America said the long-running football series was "getting closer" to a possible release on the Nintendo Switch. As promising as it sounded at the time, it seems there's nothing planned for this year. PES European brand manager, Lennart Bobzien, confirmed...

  • News PES On Nintendo Switch Is "Getting Closer", Says Series Brand Manager

    Also wants to bring ISS to Nintendo Switch Online

    Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer might not be the force it once was, but the series still has its long-time fans, and those same fans would no doubt appreciate being able to play the game on Switch. While that might seem like a pipe dream for some, Robbye Ron, PES brand manager for Latin America, has...

  • News Konami "Aware" Of Nintendo Switch, But Has No Plans To Bring PES To The Console

    "All I can say is that I love the Switch"

    In the world of virtual football, two brands rule the roost – EA's FIFA and Konami's PES. Each year, these two long-standing rivals battle it out for soccer supremacy, but there's one battleground where this contest hasn't yet played out, and that's on the Switch. EA has supported Nintendo's console with...

  • News PES 2008 Gameplay Video Revealed

    Lots of shaking and dribbling involved

    Konami of Japan has released a gameplay video for the upcoming Winning Eleven: Play Maker 2008. The more astute amongst you will know that Winning Eleven is the Japanese title for the Pro Evolution Soccer series. The video shows us two things: firstly, the game is looking mighty fine graphically and secondly, the controls are going to make those heated..