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  • News Nintendo is Suing Mobile Game Company Colopl For $40 Million


    Nintendo has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Japanese mobile game company Colopl, currently asking for a rather staggering $40 million in damages. According to an official statement from Colopl, Nintendo has claimed that five tech patent rights have been violated in the game Shiro Neko Project. One of these patents is said to...


  • News Nintendo Ordered to Pay $10 Million Following Patent Lawsuit Loss

    Nintendo confirms intent to appeal

    The technology behind the Wii went through plenty of patent lawsuits with Nintendo winning the majority of reported cases, though a looming loss to Philips back in 2014 led to the signing of a global patent license agreement. That was related to motion technology in the Wii Remote, and now Nintendo has lost in an...





  • News Nintendo Defeats Yet Another Patent Claim Against the Wii Remote

    Motion Games loses its appeal

    The Wii utilised common technology in clever ways and sold over 100 million units - that's the perfect combination to prompt a whole lot of patent-related court cases. Nintendo has successfully defeated the majority of patent claims against it in recent years, and has now confirmed the end of another case. This time...

  • News A 15 Year Old Patent Shows A Nintendo Phone That Never Was

    Game Boy titles were seemingly considered

    With Nintendo and DeNA actively working on multiple phone apps, and with the big N having a financial interest in the likes of Pokémon Go, the concept of the company's games on mobile devices is no longer fanciful. The company has also filed multiple patents over the years for emulators and actual...



  • News Nintendo Handheld Patent Focuses on Infrared and Gesture Recognition Technology

    Pitching in with a fresh control concept

    As we get ever closer to Nintendo lifting the lid on its NX hardware this year, patent applications are naturally a focus as we explore the areas of technology that the company has been exploring. Past examples that have been of interest have included a cloud-based computational device and an intriguing...

  • News Nintendo Finalises Wii Patent Win Over UltimatePointer

    "Nintendo will vigorously defend itself" and so on...

    We think it's fair to say that a decent percentage of patent claims filed in the US could best be described as being in 'bad faith'. Though Nintendo has lost a small number of notable cases, being forced into payments or shared royalties, it wins the majority of patent cases launched against its...




  • News New Patent Sparks Talk of Potential NX Details

    Points to console with no in-built optical disc drive

    It can often be the case that patents point to way to what's on the way or, potentially, ideas that go unfulfilled. A recent patent spotted on NeoGaf does give some cause for great intrigue, seemingly outlining a concept for console hardware; considering the timing, the phrase 'NX' is naturally...

  • News Nintendo Wraps Up Another Patent Win in Defence of the DS and 3DS

    Secure Axcess loses out this time

    Nintendo doesn't have a 100% record of winning patent cases, but it does win the majority. It often comfortably sees off particularly frivolous claims on broad technology patents, too - notable defeats have generally come against companies with which Nintendo has previously worked or liaised, not businesses that...


  • News Nintendo Wins Patent Battle Over Wii Balance Board

    Its legal body was ready

    Nintendo struck gold with the Wii, combining inexpensive technology with a motion controlled gaming hook that tens of millions of gamers found irresistible. That use of technology and the ludicrous profits it made naturally got the attention of other companies, however, with the home console and its accessories fighting a...






  • News Fresh Nintendo Wii U Patent Looks Like a Wii Music Game

    At least a potential E3 reveal won't be a live demonstation

    It seems that today is a day of potential E3 leaks, and this one will likely divide Nintendo gamers. We're aware that some of the Nintendo Life community enjoyed Wii Music, so this writer will restrict expressing his feelings of trepidation and fear at this possible reveal — the lead...

  • News Nintendo Overcomes Patent Dispute With Non-Practicing Entity

    Five year fight finally comes to a close

    Way back in February 2009, Wall Wireless LLC – a company whose primary focus is to enforce patents – took Nintendo to court claiming that it had infringed a patent with the DS and DSi hardware systems. Finally, however, after the United States Patent and Trademark Office cancelled all of the patent claims...


  • News Nintendo Wins Microprocessor Patent Dispute Over 3DS and DSi

    More success for the legal team

    Nintendo has endured its fair share of patent battles in recent years, with the Wii and DS in particular kicking off a range of proceedings against the company. Nintendo has prevailed the majority of times, with a rare blot in the form of a defeat to Tomita Technologies USA over the 3D camera functionality of the 3DS...

  • Feature The Weird and Wonderful World of Nintendo Patents

    Because gaming needs more wackiness

    Nintendo is well known for pushing new ideas, often utilising established technology to broaden our horizons and shake up gaming experiences. The Wii Remote may have used well-worn technology in innovative ways to prompt a motion-control craze, yet it wasn't received with universal rapture before the Wii launched...

  • News Nintendo Patented an "Illumination Device" for Gaming Use

    A little mood lighting, perhaps?

    Nintendo has proven itself a company willing to buck standard conventions and try out new concepts. Some ideas, such as dual screens and motion controls, become a solid entry into gaming culture. Others may never leave the drawing board. A Nintendo patent that was filed in September 2010 and widely spotted today...


  • News Nintendo Obtains IA Labs Patent Portfolio Following Lawsuit Win

    Balance board technology weighed in

    Nintendo is often engaged in multiple patent disputes, in various cases surviving the challenges though — in notable examples such as the recent case against Tomita Technologies USA — can occasionally come out on the wrong side. Nintendo does have another success to report, however, with progress in the case...

  • News Nintendo Ordered to Pay Royalties on 3DS Sales For Patent Infringement

    1.82% of the wholesale price

    Last year we told you about the ongoing patent dispute between Nintendo and Seijiro Tomita of Tomita Technologies USA. The case dated back to 2011, with Tomita arguing that the use of glasses-free 3D — in particular the 3D camera option — utilised his patented technology. Tomita had presented this technology to...


  • News Nintendo Cleared in Wii Patent Dispute With Creative Kingdoms

    It threatened the U.S. import of Wii systems

    Nintendo has to regularly defend itself in patent disputes, winning in many cases with the occasional exception. While the 3DS screen technology loss to Tomita Technologies USA could cost Nintendo $15.1 million, other cases have the potential to prevent imports of Nintendo systems to major territories —...


  • News Nintendo's $30.2 Million 3DS Patent Infringement Fine Halved

    Claimant told to take it or risk losing it all

    A U.S. judge declared on Wednesday that inventor Seijiro Tomita of Tomita Technologies USA should take $15.1 million in damages from Nintendo or risk losing it all in a new damages trial; this was half of what was previously awarded. In the hearing, Nintendo was accused of infringing on a patent for...


  • News Nintendo Wins Another Patent Battle, This Time Over MotionPlus

    That legal team is on fire

    Nintendo faces its fair share of patent battles, which in most cases — not all, with a notable loss on 3DS screen technology — go the Kyoto company's way. Plenty of these disputes focus on the Wii and its various peripherals, which is more than likely due to the console's phenomenal sales success and its various...

  • News Nintendo Succeeds in Wii Fit Balance Board Patent Appeal

    Original decision in the company's favour is upheld

    Nintendo, and particularly the Wii, have faced a number of patent challenges in recent years. In most cases Nintendo has emerged as the victor, with a loss on the 3DS screen technology being a rare blip. The big N has faced challenges to its Wii Remote, in particular, and various devices and gizmos...



  • News Nintendo Facing Lawsuit Over 3D Technology On The 3DS

    Major brawl in the courtroom

    Japanese inventor Seijiro Tomita is suing Nintendo over claims that he invented the 3D screen technology that the company is now using in its 3DS handheld system. The investigation into the claim began in 2011, when he sued Nintendo and its U.S. unit. According to Tomita's attorney, Joe Diamante, he displayed a...

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