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  • Feature Memorable Games of 2017 - Party Golf

    Bringing multiplayer to the fore

    In this series of features Nintendo Life contributors have shared thoughts on their most memorable games of 2017. This final entry by news writer and reviewer Ryan Craddock opts for a lesser known eShop title that showcases some of the biggest strengths of the Nintendo Switch. Party Golf falls into a category...

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    Switch eShop

    Review Party Golf


    The Switch is slowly but surely becoming one of the best available entertainment systems for multiplayer fun. The eShop is positively bursting at the seams with great co-op adventures and games that focus on simple, pick-up-and-play action for multiple players to enjoy. Party Golf is one of the latest titles to jump on board, hoping to...

  • News Party Golf Gets a Tee Time for Its Switch Release

    Looks better than a fore out of ten (oh dear)

    Plenty of developers that have produced local multiplayer games are no doubt taking a long look at the Switch, picking up on the system's growing reputation for those kinds of titles. Another one adding to the list soon, which was initially announced earlier in the year, is Party Golf by Giant...