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  • News Australia Rates Mega Man X2 for Virtual Console

    Things are looking up

    Mega Man X2 is set to hit the Japanese Virtual Console next month, and while we can only speculate on when or if the game will see release outside of Japan, the Australian Classifications Board has given gamers a glimmer of hope. The site has rated the game for release in Australia, giving it a PG certificate and hopefully sending it on its way towards the Wii's download..

  • News Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 Steals an OFLC Rating

    Greed is great

    It's a big day for the Game Boy's Mario Land series. The rather splendid Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins became available on the 3DS Virtual Console, and its follow-up has taken the first step towards the same fate thanks to Australia's OFLC ratings board. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 marks the first leading role for...

  • News 3DS Virtual Console Lands On Its Feet with Catrap

    Another game rated

    What do you mean you don't remember Game Boy puzzle game Catrap? Well, the Australian ratings board doesn't want you to forget, as it's just announced a rating for the cutesy block-pushing game — also known as Pitman in Japan — with a 3DS Virtual Console release looking likely. Game historians might be interested to know the...

  • News Master Higgins Has Not One But Two Upcoming Virtual Console Games

    Another Adventure Island game added to the queue

    Only last month, we reported that the OFLC had rated the second NES outing of everybody's favourite overweight islander based on a real person, Master Higgins, thus very likely meaning it was on its way to Virtual Console. Well, the OFLC has struck again, and has rated yet another Adventure Island game. This time, it's Super Adventure Island, the..

  • News Monster World IV Comes Westward, Finally

    If the OFLC is to be believed

    We've got almost every single Wonder Boy game ever made available on Virtual Console, including several double entries with different names. However, one game has been missing all this time. Monster World IV, the final game in the series, is frequently regarded to be the very best of them all and is, without a doubt,...

  • News Hudson Continues Its Virtual Console Support with Adventure Island II

    OFLC reveals that Hudson's still got some retro plans

    When it was announced that the North American branch of Hudson Soft would be shutting down just last week in order to focus on more "casual" games for Konami, many people took it as a sign that the company would also drop its remaining Virtual Console support. Thankfully, this is not...

  • News OFLC Rates Magical Drop II for Virtual Console

    Neo Geo puzzler on the way

    Neo Geo bubble-popping frenzy Magical Drop II has been available on Japanese Virtual Console for a while now, but it's just received a rating from Australian board the OFLC, indicating a PAL release is within sight. Of course, we're well accustomed to waiting months for rated games to make themselves available on the service, so in the meantime have a look at what you..

  • News Even More Virtual Console Titles on the Way

    Four more possible future retro releases

    We only reported on a few potential Virtual Console games getting rated less than a week ago, but it's already time to report on even more of them. Since the last news post, the OFLC has rated two more classic titles which are very likely for Nintendo's beloved retro service, and in addition to that, we've...

  • News Three More Virtual Console Titles Incoming

    One NES classic and two new arcade games coming in the near future

    If you've been keeping an eye on new game pages on our site, you might have already noticed, but over the last few days, three classic games have received age ratings, indicating that they will be making their way to the Virtual Console soon. Possibly the most important to most...

  • News Flight Control Cleared for Landing on WiiWare

    Firemint title rated for release

    The world and its dog can't get enough of Firemint's air traffic 'em up Flight Control, as witnessed by its appearances on iPhone, DSiWare and even on iPad. Anyone who's not yet succumbed to its path-plotting charms could get one more chance to try it out, as Australian body the OFLC has rated the game for release on Wii. The body doesn't differentiate between Wii..

  • News DSiWare to get Hacked and Slashed by Zenonia

    New OFLC rating reveals iPhone RPG on the way

    It may not be a rare occurrence these days, but a recent rating reveals that an iPhone title is heading over to DSiWare in the near future. Action RPG Zenonia, a blend between Legend of Zelda and Secret of Mana, is a pretty decent romp that features the classic elements of swords, oddly-named characters and evil slimes. Oh and there's some scantily glad..

  • News Castlevania: Rondo of Blood Getting Long Overdue Western Release

    The OFLC delivers the goods once again.

    It is because of today's daily OFLC update that we know two more import titles making their way to a Virtual Console near you sometime in the future. And one of them is none other than one of the best Castlevania titles ever crafted. Castlevania: Rondo of Blood was released on Virtual Console way back in April 2008. That is, in Japan - When asked about a..

  • News Zombies Ate My Neighbors Heading to Virtual Console for Real This Time?

    The OFLC seems to think so.

    In the latest OFLC update, fans of LucasArts will find that one of their most requested games seems to be on its way to the Virtual Console at long last. Zombies Ate My Neighbors is an awesome SNES and Mega Drive game in which you play as one or two teenagers attempting to rescue their neighbors from zombies, mummies, vampires, aliens and other classic movie monsters..

  • News OFLC Ratings Promise Street Fighting Action

    Two of Capcom's vintage brawlers get the classifications board treatment

    Australia's OFLC ratings board has just confirmed that two instalments in Capcom's classics Street Fighter series have been awarded official ratings, which means they're probably coming to the Virtual Console very soon. Fighting Street is the PC Engine/TG16 version of the very first Street Fighter entry. It was one of the..

  • News The OFLC Rates More Capcom and Sega Classics for Virtual Console

    Expect more Final Fight, Phantasy Star and Shinobi in the near future.

    The OFLC had a decently-sized update today, in which they added some new games rated in the past few weeks. These ratings have revealed a few new VC games for future release in PAL regions. First up is Final Fight 2, the second in the Final Fight series which was, and still is,...

  • News OFLC Update: Super Mario Kart Finally Coming!

    The OFLC has recently been updated with a few new game listings, including a certain kart racing title Virtual Console fans have been clamoring for.

    It seems the wait for the Super Nintendo hit Super Mario Kart is almost over. The OFLC ratings board has been updated and includes four new titles we're likely to see made available on Nintendo's download services soon. Super Mario Kart is easily the..

  • News Aussie Classification Board website hacked

    Government website falls victim to satirical prank

    The website of Australia's Classification Board has been hacked by an unknown individual in opposition to plans to "control and sheepify the nation". The site's regular introductory text was replaced with a satiricial message likening the Board's conduct to that of the Chinese government and threatening the Board's critics with death by..

  • News The OFLC Rates Even More Games

    Yes, the OFLC has rated yet another batch of VC games today!

    The least surprising of the bunch is Fantasy Zone II. It was already released in Japan in January, so a release elsewhere was to be expected any time, really! That's not all for the Master System though - Secret Command (Which Japan has had since June last year!) and the first Shinobi are...

  • News OFLC Update: Even More Imports!

    The OFLC has updated once again with ratings for some games which will soon be coming to Europe/Australia.

    The least surprising of the lot is Clu Clu Land. It's already available in the US and was released in PAL regions originally, so it's no shock that it's coming to the VC elsewhere. Also not really unexpected is Kirby's Dream Land 3. Also already available in the US, it wasn't released in..

  • News OFLC Update: Two More Imports

    It's been quite a while since the last OFLC update, but today they've finally revealed some new VC games again! Both of them are imports, which might mean that another Hanabi Festival for Europe is not too far away.

    Bomberman '94 is the sequel to Bomberman '93. If you're familiar with Mega Bomberman for the Mega Drive, this is the same game, although this version is actually usually considered..

  • News OFLC Update: M.U.S.H.A and More

    Exciting news for shooter fans today, because Australia's OFLC has rated three new VC games, including one of the most popular Mega Drive shooters ever made.

    M.U.S.H.A is the western name for Musha Aleste, one of the installments in the Aleste series. Japanese Wii owners have already been able to get Musha Aleste for a while, but we suspected it would show up here eventually - The only real change..

  • News OFLC Update: Mega Man 3

    PAL gamers rejoice - Mega Man 3, the third installment of the original NES Mega Man series is heading our way! We got Mega Man 2 way back in December, so it really was a no-brainer that this would happen sometime soon, but the OFLC has now confirmed our suspicions.

    Strangely enough the game was rated on the 2nd of October, but wasn't actually added to the OFLC database until today, meaning newer..

  • News OFLC Update: Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse (NES)

    While many of us would probably prefer to see Dracula X: Rondo of Blood appear on the US and European Virtual Console services it’s looking likely that we’ll be treated to one of the game’s prequels first, because the Australian OFLC has recently rated the NES title Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse.

    The final installment in the popular NES trilogy, Dracula’s Curse is regarded by many fans..

  • News OFLC Update: Wonder Boy in Monster Land

    The OFLC has rated one new game today: Wonder Boy in Monster Land is the second game in the Wonder Boy series and the last game in the series we didn't have on VC yet (Not counting the Japan-only Monster World IV). The game ditched the original Wonder Boy's gameplay entirely, instead going for a more RPG-oriented gameplay style. Alongside simple platforming, you will also have to defeat enemies for money to buy better equipment, and experience.

    Once the game has been released, we will have at least one version of each game in the series on VC. We'll still be missing the "Wonder Boy" versions of two of them, however - Wonder Boy III:..

  • News Sonic on the Master System coming to Virtual Console?

    If you don't know much about Sega and checked out the OFLC earlier today, you might have scratched your head wondering why Sonic the Hedgehog was rated again, after all, the Mega Drive version is already out on Virtual Console.

    The interesting thing you might not know, however, is that there are three other games which are all also called Sonic the Hedgehog, meaning that most likely, one of them is..

  • News OFLC Update - Super Mario RPG On Its Way To Europe

    It's time to rejoice, as Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars has been rated by the OFLC today!

    Fans have longed for this game's release on VC for an eternity - It was listed on the ESRB around the Wii's launch but mysteriously disappeared along with some other games later. After not hearing anything about the game for about a year, it was announced that Japan would be getting the game this..

  • News Sega Fans Rejoice: Alex Kidd In Miracle World Is Coming

    It was the news that Sega fans all over the globe had been waiting for ever since the announcement that Master System games would be available on the Virtual Console.

    Ok, maybe not all Sega fans, but we were certainly hoping it would come true, and it has. Alex Kidd’s finest adventure is inbound. Sega’s forgotten mascot may have already made his Wii debut in the rather underwhelming Enchanted..

  • News OFLC Update: Three New Neo Geo Games Rated

    Neo Geo support hasn’t been brilliant on the Virtual Console up to now but fans of the machine will be pleased to hear that three more titles have been earmarked for release. Predictably they’re all fighting games; as we know full well the Neo-Geo certainly had its fair share of those.

    Burning Fight is your typical Final Fight clone, with three...

  • News Another OFLC Update - Turbografx Imports Galore!

    The Turbografx is getting lots of imports - Recently, the OFLC rated Break In and Final Soldier, both of them imports for the system never released outside Japan. Those two haven't even been released yet, but Hudson already submitted four more games to the OFLC, and all of them are, once again, both imports and Turbografx titles.

    The strangest pick...

  • News OFLC Update - Another Konami Import Title

    In an OFLC update today, three more titles have been rated for eventual Australia release (As always, this should most likely mean they will also come to Europe).

    The only "new" game of the bunch is Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa (Bio Miracle Baby Upa), a Kirby-esque game starring a baby called Upa. This baby would later appear in a few of...