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  • News NeuroVoider's Switch eShop Sales Bring Another Success Story

    One month of Switch sales matches over a year on Steam

    In recent weeks we've seen a pleasing rush of positive news stories from Indie studios releasing their titles on the Switch eShop. In addition to the ramping up of support and weekly releases, studios have spoken out about the growing Switch audience embracing download releases in significant...

  • Review NeuroVoider (Switch eShop)

    Bye, robot

    For all the genre tags liberally flung at the influx of indie games over the last few years, it could be assumed that a select few terms might have become faux pas, or even derogatory. Despite splintering off into many branches of sub category since its inception, uttering words like 'roguelike' or 'permadeath' can immediately engage as...

  • News NeuroVoider to Blast Its Way Onto the Switch eShop on 7th September

    Includes Switch-exclusive controls for a single Joy-Con

    The list of intriguing titles on the way to the Switch eShop is getting increasingly long, but one of the earliest titles to line up way back in March was NeuroVoider, one of multiple titles on the way from publisher Playdius. Now, at long last, we have firm release details. The Flying Oak...