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  • News Mojo Bones Is Working On A New Switch Project - Chrono Faction

    "A completely unique fusion of action/strategy"

    Way back in the distant mists of time, also known as 2013, Nintendo first introduced Siesta Fiesta - by developer Mojo Bones - on 3DS as part of its Indiecade showcase; we then saw it at a Post-E3 'Nindie' event the following year, and rather enjoyed it in our review. It was a fun game that took the...

  • Review Siesta Fiesta (3DS eShop)

    A breakout hit

    When you learn that a title on the 3DS eShop originally began as a concept for a smartphone game, there's an instinct to take a hesitant step back. On the other hand, Siesta Fiesta is proof that this route to the system can be a blessing — if iOS and Android games can be addictive and fun enough to keep millions of consumers amused,...