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  • News "Mii Contest Channel" Thoughts

    The "Mii Contest Channel" became available in the UK yesterday and so I gave myself the time this morning to get to grips with the latest Wii update.

    A pretty quick, free download from the Shop channel is all it takes to get the "Mii Contest Channel" running on your Wii. On starting it up you will be asked to choose a Mii character as your "Artisan" - generally I presume people are going to choose..

  • News Mii's In Hyrule?!

    Miyamoto talks about the Twilight Princess team currently toying around with Mii's in the TP engine.

    Whilst speaking at GDC last week, Shigeru Miyamoto told MTV that the Twilight Princess team had been having some fun with Mii's. "They've been having fun just fiddling around with Miis in the Twilight Princess engine. This is something our development teams do all the time once they get done..

  • News New Mii Channel In Coming April

    Nintendo send out a Wiimail message stating the new improved Mii voting channel will be released in April.

    Reported by WiiNintendo.net, we've heard that the new Mii channel will including new things to do with your Mii's such as voting on other peoples Mii's and no doubt some kinda Celeb Mii area. "During the Nintendo keynote Shigeru Miyamoto mentioned that a new voting channel where people..

  • News Make Your Mii Then Play It On Wii

    Nintendo unveil some new "Mii" orientated TV commercials to lure in the non gamer.

    Set to air next week, Nintendo released the previews online on their ultra modern myspace account, yay marketing department. "Early next week Nintendo of America is scheduled to roll out a new round of Wii commercials featuring these popular Mii caricatures. One commercial is set in a living room with a family,..

  • Competition Celebrity Mii Competition

    Jason over at kottke.org has devised a Celebrity Mii Contest, create a Celeb Mii and win a game, its that simple!

    It seems to be quite a craze at the moment, creating your favourite people in Mii form. We've been passing around lots of celebs over the past few days, now you have a chance to win a Mii contest! It's like a 21st century beauty contest...