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  • Video Check Out the Official Launch Trailer for Mekazoo

    Hopefully it's still coming to Wii U

    In the vacuum left behind by major third party developers, indie games have been the lifeblood of the Nintendo eShop, filling the digital storefront with all sorts of unique and interesting games. One game that caught our eye is Mekazoo, a neon-centric platformer that seems to be equal parts Donkey Kong Country...


  • News PC Owners Can Sign Up Now for a Mekazoo Closed Beta

    A promising platformer also due on Wii U this year

    Mekazoo is a title we've had our eye on for some time; developed by The Good Mood Creators, it blends slick visuals with platforming and animal transformations. It certainly brings to mind some classics such as the Donkey Kong Country titles (old and new), while also having its own sense of style...