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  • News Nintendo of America Has a Snazzy New Slogan - "There's No Play Like It"

    Makes debut in 2DS commercial

    The recent news from Nintendo of America that it is reducing the price of the 2DS was welcome if not exactly mind-blowing, but the campaign around it does feature a neat new slogan and accompanying logo. In fact, in terms of a key message and look to show off the Nintendo brand it's pretty darn good. The slogan in...

  • News Pikachu And His Pokémon Pals Are Throwing Their Support Behind Japan's World Cup 2014 Campaign

    Pocket Monsters join forces with kit maker Adidas

    One of the biggest sporting events of 2014 is the World Cup in Brazil, which will attract an audience of millions of fans from all over the globe. That of course means ample opportunities for advertising, and Adidas — which makes the kit of the Japanese national soccer team — has announced that...

  • News Nintendo of America Adds Deutsch LA to its Line-Up of Creative Agencies

    Responsible for digital and social media marketing in North America

    The next 12 months are pivotal for Nintendo, as it'll aim to maintain 3DS momentum and drive major improvements in Wii U sales in the face of numerous and big-hitting competition. There's plenty of software on the way for both systems, alongside bundles and price promotions to tempt...

  • News Former Nintendo Marketing Specialist Sheds Light on Smash Bros. as a "Dangerous" Brand at EVO

    Also explains parallels between Wii U and GameCube challenges

    Kyle Mercury was involved in major marketing and events decisions at Nintendo of America between 2001 and 2007, undertaking various key roles throughout that period. He was particularly active in the region's efforts to promote the GameCube in these years, a system that saw Nintendo...

  • News Frontier Would "Very Much Like" To Make Another LostWinds Game

    Developer says mobile and console markets are becoming "blurred"

    Frontier currently has a couple of games in development. First up there's Elite: Dangerous, which is coming to PC and Mac after amassing over $1.5 million in a Kickstarter campaign, and then there's Coaster Crazy Deluxe, which will soon be available on Wii U via the eShop. Of course,...

  • News Analyst: Nintendo of America "Forgot Marketing 101" For Wii U

    Analysts weigh in on Wii U and Nintendo's future

    Nintendo recently revealed its financial results for 2012/2013 which showed the Wii U hadn't performed particularly well. Sales of the company's latest home console were well below the initial projection of 5.5 million units and even failed to meet the adjusted estimate of four million. Between the...

  • News Nintendo UK: 2013 is "The Year of The 3DS"

    Poor Luigi's been overshadowed again

    Nintendo has really been pushing the 3DS recently what with some stellar new releases and the promise of more to come via this week's brilliant Nintendo Direct. The company firmly believes this will be the year that will see many of the current DS owners upgrade to the 3DS and is willing to back it up with an...

  • News GameStop: Wii U Marketing Strategy Has "Not Broken Through" To Consumers

    More first party titles will enable system to "take off"

    Earlier in the month, GameStop President Tony Bartel said Wii U sales had been slower than the company had anticipated and that the system would need some great first party titles in order to compete. The games retailer recently had its post-earnings financial call, which has been reported on...

  • News Nintendo UK Looking To Maintain Wii U Momentum

    Focus turns to Q1 2013

    It's fair to say the Wii U's launch has been a success, with the system selling out across the United States and shifting 40,000 units in the UK. Extra shipments are coming in thick and fast to meet the extreme demand that you'd expect for a new Nintendo console at Christmas time. Nobody really doubted that Wii U would be...

  • News Nintendo's Wii U Marketing Currently Focusing On Core Fans

    Will move onto a broader audience in coming months

    Nintendo’s marketing machine is in full swing right now as the final hours tick down to the European Wii U launch at midnight. A lot of the marketing has focused on telling people what they can do with Wii U, as we’ve seen with several television adverts showing families having a jolly good time...

  • Feature Nintendo's Wii U Hype Machine

    Sharing the message

    Today marks the start of a major countdown for Wii U, as it's set to arrive in North American stores in just seven days; it's a major event for Nintendo, as new home consoles aren't an overly frequent occurrence. It's been six years since Wii arrived and revolutionised gaming with its focus on motion controls, and now the company...

  • News Reggie Discusses Wii U Branding, "Not a Difficult Sell"

    Will be different to Wii

    Nintendo's decision to include the well-known Wii name in its successor, the Wii U, looks on the surface like it'd make marketing the console easier, but Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime says the company will take a different approach to its dual-screen home console. Speaking to Forbes, Fils-Aime clarified the...

  • News Nintendo of America Hires Scott Moffitt as New Executive VP

    Everyone, welcome the new guy

    After Cammie Dunaway's departure from Nintendo in late 2010, Reggie Fils-Aime stood in as Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, but now he can step aside as Nintendo of America has announced Cammie's successor: Scott Moffitt. Moffitt comes from a successful sales background, having worked on Dial soap, Right...

  • News Iwata Expresses Regrets About the Way the Wii was Marketed

    In future, things will be done differently

    The Nintendo Wii is approaching its fifth year on the market now, enough time has passed in that Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata can now reflect on how the console has performed and how he wishes its future performance will play out. Speaking to investors and analysts, Iwata expressed his regrets towards the way...

  • News Sega Creates an Animal Crossing to Promote Sonic Colours


    Okay, so Sega isn't really creating an instalment in Nintendo's happiest franchise Animal Crossing, but the blue and white company did create a safe hedgehog crossing point in London to promote this Friday's release of Sonic Colours for Wii and DS. With 50,000 hedgehogs a year lacking the speed to cross British roads safely, Sega dedicated...

  • News Super Scribblenauts' UK Marketing Scheme Involves Eggs

    Anybody know any good egg puns?

    Wordplay and eggs: they go together like boiled egg and soldiers. What better way to celebrate the launch of wordsmithery sequel Super Scribblenauts than to tie-in with leading ovum producer Stonegate Eggs, then? Specially branded boxes containing so-called "Intelligent Eating Eggs" will bear the likeness of...

  • News Wii Is "Fool's Gold"

    Industry bigwigs all agree: review scores are immaterial on Wii

    The Wii's well into its life cycle now, but it seems some people in the industry are still cottoning onto what makes a Wii game sell like there's no tomorrow - the magic word of "marketing". Speaking to Eurogamer recently, one undisclosed "high profile member of an...

  • News Eidos bring us another new face of of Lara Croft

    Alison Carroll, a 23-year-old professional gymnast from south London has been unveiled as the new face of Lara Croft.

    Alison Carroll will promote the new Tomb Raider: Underworld game which is due out in November. Alison told BBC Newsbeat: "It's an amazing opportunity. Lara is strong, athletic, confident and independent so it's a huge responsibility to take on her role." After quitting her..

  • News Wii Fit Goes Racing

    Okay, we know the Americans don't quite understand the quality of F1, but they have done something pretty special this weekend in both NASCAR and Indy 500.

    Wii Fit will become a part of racing history when the Wii Fit-branded cars race in both the Indy 500 and the NASCAR Coca-Cola 600 this Memorial Day weekend. NASCAR: Chip Ganassi Racing's number 40 Dodge, jointly sponsored by Nintendo and Target,..

  • News Worst Trailer Ever: SEGA Bass Fishing

    Usually trailers try to lure us all into subconsciously deciding we can't do without a certain game. SEGA Bass Fishing's trailer has the opposite effect.

    Reasons why this trailer is so, so bad: The two people sitting in a boat are poorly "stuck" onto a video game background. Why? The annoying country "cock" rock pisses me right...

  • News Sadness: Plot Details

    Finally some news has come out of Nibris HQ regarding their hotly anticipated survival horror thriller, Sadness.

    Within the game you will take control of a character known as Maria who has just survived a serious train crash. Maria is left in control of her brother Alexander, who was blinded from the crash and it is from here that the game takes a serious twist as the boy starts to act a little..

  • News Penny Arcade Are At It Like Bunnies

    Helping evil bunny rabbits and sick children.

    The gaming webcomic Penny Arcade, have leant their efforts to help show off Rayman Raving Rabbids in a new ad campaign. The game was released at launch but Ubisoft have asked Gabe over at the PA blog to design some short comics in order to give the game an extra kick in the media stakes. If you are familiar with the Penny Arcade blog you will know of..

  • News Wii Marketing In Full Swing

    With only a month until the US launch, Nintendo are starting to push the Wii brand across the globe.

    Flickr member "branille" recently posted a photograph of Nintendo's impressive advert in Time Square's Toys R Us store in New York. Nintendo have also announced a aggressive marketing campaign in Europe, a region which is somewhat neglected by the games industry as a whole. The company is set to..