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  • News Nintendo Has Revealed A Splatoon 3 World Map

    Take a look!

    In the latest volume of Nintendo's 'Ask the Developer' series, an official world map for Splatoon 3 was revealed. Inklings and Octolings have always wondered about how the world of Splatoon fits together, so this map should help. You can see all sorts of landmarks such as Splatsville, Inkopolis bay, Salmonid swim zones and more! Have a...

  • Video A New Game Theory for Pokémon Lore Gets Rather Scientific

    Listen carefully

    Figuring out lore in our favourite franchises can be a dangerous game and a potential road to madness, but it's also irresistible to try and apply logic to seemingly disconnected titles. Dedicated fans know that even the official Nintendo timeline for The Legend of Zelda, for example, has elements of retrospective improvisation, and...