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  • Review Let's Sing 2020 - Uplifting Karaoke Goodness On Your Switch

    A solid music title for modern pop fans

    The real initial rush and heyday of home karaoke on consoles was the PS2-era, when it seemed like a never-ending cascade of SingStar games were being released every few months to a public that seemed to practically inhale them. They were everywhere, catering to most popular genres from rock to Disney...

  • Random Don't Forget This Week's Musical Retail Arrival on Wii

    Sing when you're winning

    Ah, the Wii. The little system is now nearly 11 years old and was an outstanding commercial success; it also brought us a wonderful game library with plenty of titles that'll go down as Nintendo classics. Its broad appeal also made it ripe for various so-called 'casual' games, and despite the system being long since...