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  • Review Knight Terrors (Switch eShop)

    Cheap thrills

    A few weeks ago, Nicalis quietly announced Knight Terrors, a game unlike most of their others, in that it isn't getting the physical release treatment and is instead exclusive to the eShop. It's also unlike other recent releases in that it's incredibly budget-friendly at a mere three dollars. So, is Nicalis's latest release worth a...

  • News Knight Terrors Will Haunt the Switch eShop on 24th October

    We see what they did there

    Halloween is getting closer, and we should expect some appropriately-themed games to grace the holiday / night / annoying day when the door bell constantly rings. Nicalis is stepping up with Knight Terrors, a title developed by FreakZone Games (which brought us Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures). It hits the Switch eShop...