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  • News Get Discounts On Seven RPGs In Kemco's Switch And 3DS Summer Sale

    Across Europe, North America and Australia

    Japanese developer and publisher Kemco has slashed the prices of a number of its RPGs on both Switch and 3DS, giving you the chance to pick them up at up to 50% off the asking price. We've rounded up all of the offers for you below. The sale is live across the European, North American, and Australian...

  • News Kemco And City Connection Apologise Over New Switch JRPG Revenge Of Justice

    The game launched just last month

    The teams behind new Switch JRPG Revenge of Justice have both issued statements to their official websites today, apologising over content found within the game. Both Kemco, the game's publisher, and developer City Connection have acknowledged reports that said the new game has a number of similarities to PC game,...

  • News Grasp the Sword of Hope on 3DS Virtual Console

    Once more to arms

    Everyone's favourite ratings board has outed Game Boy game The Sword of Hope 2 for 3DS Virtual Console. Japan's already got the first game under its Japanese title Selection, but the follow-up is coming to PAL territories. Developed by Kemco — best known for a thousand cartoon and movie Game Boy tie-ins — it's a very old-school...

  • News Phalanx Remake Coming to WiiWare

    The Kemco shooter is getting an upgrade.

    Chances are you're familiar with Phalanx one way or the other - Originally released for the Japan-only Sharp X68000 and later ported to the SNES for all regions, the game's somewhat infamous for having some of the most ridiculously inappropriate boxart of all time. Of course, the game itself is actually pretty good, which already led to a Game Boy Advance..

  • News Brand New Sorcery Blade Game Play Video

    The information on the upcoming Japanese RPG Sorcery Blade is finally beginning to trickle out. We just got our hands on a brand new game play video from Kemco showing the game in action and so far it doesn't disappoint.

    As you can see in the video, this looks more like a retail release than what we've seen from the WiiWare service so far. This...

  • News Brand New Sorcery Blade Screenshots

    It seems that information about the upcoming Kemco WiiWare title Sorcery Blade is slowly beginning to leak out. The game is based on the mobile phone Sorcery Sword series of games and is set on the planet Mars in the year 3000.

    The game will make use of special attacks that can be executed by drawing shapes on the screen using the Wii Remote. You'll...

  • News Mobile Phone RPG Coming To WiiWare

    It would seem from the current issue of Famitsu magazine that Kemco is in the process of bringing their popular mobile phone rpg series Sorcery Sword over to the WiiWare service. The game is tentatively titled Sorcery Blade and has a radically different look to it than previous mobile releases in the series.

    As you can see from the screenshots, the...