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    Review Mon Premier Karaoké

    Should you take a chanson this?

    Rarely is it possible to describe a game in a single word, yet after mere minutes of playing Mon Premier Karaoké you can aptly sum it up as “niche”. After all, this is a game that’s aimed squarely at young, French-speaking children, and so to be able to use a word of French origin to describe it is...

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    Review My First Songs

    Hickory Dickory Don't!

    We all had high hopes for My First Songs, with fifteen of the most legendary nursery rhymes of all time finally together in one package. Bangkok-based developer RingZero Game Studio brings us this hotly-anticipated karaoke title just in time for your tax refund shopping spree — alas, My First Songs is not quite a Yankee...

  • News Nintendo Teases a Wii Karaoke U Miiverse Contest

    Neighbours, be warned

    Wii Karaoke U probably still holds the crown as one of the most peculiar offerings on the Wii U eShop. In some ways it's one of the most modern titles Nintendo's released in terms of online functionality, with a substantial range of tracks available to stream and various time-based passes to purchase in order to satisfy into...

  • Hands On An Evening With Wii Karaoke U By Joysound

    Take On Mii

    Nintendo has previously stated that one of its main objectives with the Wii U is to provide experiences that can’t be done on other video game systems. In addition to this rather admirable quest, the company has also been keen to emphasise the fun that can be had with the system in local multiplayer. So far it hasn't had a great deal...

  • News Wii Karaoke U By JOYSOUND Is Coming To The West This Year

    Sales of earplugs expected to skyrocket

    Living room crooners take note: Nintendo has confirmed that it is bringing Wii Karaoke U by JOYSOUND to the west later this year. The service will be available as a free download on the Wii U eShop, with a robust library of songs to select from via online streaming. In a unique twist, you'll be able to...