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  • News INDIE Live Expo To Take Place Over Two Days In May

    Separating focus on current and upcoming games

    The INDIE Live Expo has become another consistent part of the online streaming scene, especially for those passionate about smaller download-only games. Typically with a major Summer and Winter stream each year, it's also been characterised by the sheer length of the streams (6 hours+) and often...

  • News INDIE Live Expo Winter 2021 Will Show Off More Than 500 Games, Apparently

    That's... a lot

    As we head towards Winter and the busiest shopping season we get to enjoy a few more gaming events that'll showcase a bunch of games, which is always fun. One online event that's earned a decent fanbase over the last couple of years is INDIE Live Expo, and it looks like its next event will be a big 'un. As it's Japan-focused in...

  • Watch INDIE Live Expo 2021

    Over 300(!) games apparently being shown

    After confirmation last week that it plans to show 'over 300' games across various platforms, it's time to see whether INDIE Live Expo delivers; the broadcast begins at 2am Pacific / 5am Eastern / 10am UK / 11am CEST and will stream in the video above. It's worth being realistic of course, there's zero chance...