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    If you happen to remember a time when video games came in audio tapes, the name 'Hewson Consultants' will surely ring an 8-bit bell. Exercise your memory a bit longer and you might even be familiar with Uridium, a 1986 scrolling shmup designed by Andrew Braybrook that sent both reviewers and gamers into a frenzy. After a successful...

  • News Retro-Inspired Shoot 'em Up Hyper Sentinel is Blasting Its Way to the Switch eShop

    Explosions! Bright colours! More explosions!

    There's another neat game confirmed for the Switch eShop; this time around it's a colourful retro-styled shoot 'em up called Hyper Sentinel. It's the work of Huey Games, an "8-bit software house" with a number of titles behind it. Hyper Sentinel was successfully funded on Kickstarter, not too long ago,...