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  • Random Get A First Proper Look Inside The Former Nintendo HQ Hotel

    Looks like Masahiro Sakurai stayed recently, too

    A week ago, 'Marufukuro', the former Nintendo HQ that has been turned into a hotel, opened to the public. Based in Kyoto, the building is hugely iconic for Nintendo fans, with many of them posing outside in front of the old sign. It's actually where the company was making playing cards and began...

  • News Former Nintendo HQ Hotel, 'Marufukuro', Is Now Open

    "The landmark is once again brought back to life"

    Back in January we shared some photos that emerged from the refurbishment of Nintendo's iconic former headquarters, which is now a hotel called 'Marufukoro'. It's certainly aiming for the higher end of the market - a double room reservation on the official website starts at around $700 a night, and...