Tag: Hidenori Shibao

  • Feature A Memorial For Hidenori Shibao

    Game historian John Szczepaniak pays tribute to a talent taken too soon

    Arcade clerk, translator, book author, game design educator, manga collaborator, magazine journalist, prolific strategy guide writer, movie script writer, and developer of numerous games including Paladin's Quest, its sequel Lennus II, Legend of Legaia, and the FEAR. Hidenori...

  • News Veteran Game Designer Hidenori Shibao Passes Away

    Writer and director of SNES RPG Paladin's Quest

    We've got some sad news today as it's being reported that veteran writer and game designer Hidenori Shibao has passed away. Shibao was best known for writing and directing the Super Nintendo RPG Paladin's Quest, which was published by Enix. In later years Shibao would go on to work...