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  • News retroUSB's HDMI NES, the AVS, is Heading for a Summer Release

    Priced at $185 and touting support for all current and future carts

    There's still a sizeable group of gamers that derive great pleasure from playing retro games on their original systems. Getting the best out of these old titles, though, is always a challenge. Systems driven by emulation and impressive HDMI mods are available to give the NES a...

  • News The NES Joins The High Definition Era With This Awesome HDMI Mod

    Back to the future

    A HDMI mod is already in the works for the N64, and allows you to get the best possible picture out of the vintage system. However, that's not the only modification which brings retro hardware bang up to date - there's a similar mod available for the older NES which performs the same trick. Available via Game-Tech, the Hi-Def NES...