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  • News Don't Fancy Sonic Boom? No Problem, The Sonic 2 HD Fan Remake Is Back On Track

    "It's good to be back!"

    Back in 2012, we followed the progress made on Sonic 2 HD — a fan project to remake Sega's classic platformer — with great interest. However, for personal reasons development work ground to a halt and we never heard anything more about the project. That is until now. The team's Facebook page was recently updated to let...

  • Video What Could Xenoblade Chronicles Look Like In HD?

    Sharp as a blade

    Did you enjoy our Super Mario Galaxy and The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD videos? We certainly hope so, because we've got another one for you today, and it's a real jaw-dropper. For this Xenoblade Chronicles video, we've done things a little differently. There's no

  • Video What Could Super Mario Galaxy Look Like In HD?

    We give a Wii classic the High Definition treatment

    While many other console owners made the leap into HD with the launch of the Xbox 360 and PS3 many years ago, Nintendo fans had to wait a little longer — lest we forget, the entire Wii era was spent in Standard Definition. This got us thinking — what would some of the Wii's best games look like...

  • News Shigeru Miyamoto "Wanted to go to HD Sooner" With the Wii

    Consumer take-up of HD TVs quicker than expected

    During the Wii's lifespan there was one unavoidable fact, regardless of wonderful games and innovative experiences; it was a standard-definition system in an increasingly high-definition world. Its limitation to 480p and graphical capabilities that — brilliant art design aside — were struggling to...

  • News New Super Mario Bros. Mii Screenshots Gleam in HD

    First Wii U shots are here

    Nintendo's Wii U is the company's new console with HD support, and to prove it we've got 720p screenshots of one of the games on display at this year's E3, a project Nintendo is calling New Super Mario Bros. Mii. As you can probably guess, the game is similar to New Super Mario Bros. Wii with one important exception:...

  • Fact Sheet Wii U - 1080p HD Confirmed, No BluRay

    Nintendo embraces HD in 2012

    After announcing the Wii U earlier today Nintendo has now revealed some details of the hardware behind the new system. As expected the console will be a full HD console with 1080p/720p output via HDMI, it will also feature a multi-core PowerPC processor which may be comparable with Xbox 360. As always Nintendo has tried...

  • Hardware Review VDigi VD-W3 Wii HDMI Upscaler

    We take a look at VDigi's up-scaler device that aims to bring you a step closer to "Wii HD".

    It's well documented that the lack of High-Definition (HD) doesn't affect the majority of Wii gamers, however there is a significant minority who eagerly await Nintendo's step up in the HD realm. VDigi have identified this specific Wii gamer and offer them a...

  • News Miyamoto Hints At Wii 2, Wii HD

    Gaming god also suggests that Star Fox may be blasting his way onto Wii

    See that smoke on the horizon, son? That's the rumour mill starting. The gaming public notoriously gets its hopes up when Miyamoto opens his mouth: it gives us permission to dream once more, like kids on Christmas Eve. Only a fool would think that Nintendo isn't working on their...

  • News HD Wii - Is It Coming? Depends Who You Ask

    Nintendo's left hand says, "I don't know what my right hand's doing"

    Another week, more HD Wii confusion. Last week's Nintendo investors meeting is proving to be a goldmine of quotes and teases, following the cats and WiiWare demo service, and now further translation has revealed an interesting little titbit about the possibility of an upcoming...