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  • Editorial Happy New Year From Everyone At Nintendo Life

    The future has arrived, still waiting on hoverboards

    Welcome to the future! Yes, we've finally got through '2020: Part Deux' and we're now securely lodged in 2022 — the first year since the millennium that has three of the same number in it. *Waits for everyone to confirm that that is indeed correct*... The past year has been another tough one...

  • Editorial Happy New Year From All Of Us At Nintendo Life

    So long, 2020!

    Blimey, 2020 was a bit of a slog, wasn't it? It's unlikely to be remembered as a particularly bumper year in mankind's history, what with a global pandemic effectively shutting the entire world down. We've had to curtail things we love to do in order to keep people safe, and many of us will have lost loved ones to a virus which, 12...

  • Editorial Happy New Year from All at Nintendo Life

    Here's to an exciting 2017

    We're posting this on UK time, as the clocks strike midnight and 2017 arrives. If you're reading this in Japan, Australia or anywhere in that region you're well into the New Year; for those of you with an evening of festivities still to come, have a great night. 2016 has been a mixed bag from Nintendo, to put it...