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    Review 3D Gunstar Heroes

    Holding out for a hero

    Gunstar Heroes charged onto the Sega Mega Drive in 1993, significantly marking the début of quirky developer Treasure - having been formed from ex-Konami staff wanting to go it their own way. Often seen floating near to the top of many 'best game ever' lists, Gunstar Heroes is a bona-fide classic of the 16-bit era that's now...

  • News M2's Porting of Gunstar Heroes To 3DS Was Almost In Vain

    Sega didn't even know M2 was working on Gunstar Heroes

    This week sees the western launch of 3D Gunstar Heroes, the latest in Sega's line of 3DS-based 3D Classics. It's one of the most beloved games of the 16-bit era, and also one of the most technically impressive Genesis/Mega Drive titles seen so far. Yosuke Okunari, producer at Sega, and Naoki...

  • News 3D Gunstar Heroes Brings New Modes And Local Co-Op To 3DS

    Launches this week in Japan

    This week 3D Gunstar Heroes hits the 3DS eShop in Japan, and it's bringing with it a host of new features. In addition to being in stereoscopic 3D and offering the usual range of screen filters, the game will also include a brand-new "All Spec" mode which grants immediate access to all 14 weapons available in the game...

  • Video Did You Know That Gunstar Heroes Shipped With A Fruit Roll-Up?

    The Sega Channel takes a look at Treasure's first release

    Gunstar Heroes is unquestionably one of the greatest games ever to grace Sega's 16-bit Mega Drive / Genesis system. It was also the first title from Treasure, a studio formed by former Konami employees that would find greater fame producing the likes of Radiant Silvergun, Ikaruga and Sin...

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    Review Gunstar Heroes

    Gunstar, more like Funstar!

    Gunstar Heroes ranks as one of the finest Megadrive/Genesis titles ever, so it's no surprise that people are getting excited about the Virtual Console release! If you've ever played Contra or Metal Slug you will have a good idea of what to expect here. One or two players battle it out against a seemingly endless array of...