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  • Review Gunslugs (3DS eShop)

    Pulse Pounding Prequel

    There's a scene in the film The Expendables 2 in which main character Barney Ross - portrayed by perennial badass Sylvester Stallone - revs up a motorcycle to send it careening unmanned up a ramp and through the windshield of a helicopter. This is the vibe that Gunslugs wants to convey. As far as 8-bit run-and-gun shooters go,...

  • Exclusive Gunslugs is Heading to the 3DS eShop, and Nintendo Life's Community Helped Make it Happen

    Feedback from our interview fired the starting gun

    Gunslugs 2, developed by Orangepixel and ported / published on 3DS by Engine Software, is a fun and action-packed download title. Of course, no prizes are given for figuring out that it has a predecessor yet to arrive on 3DS - well, that's going to be fixed as Gunslugs is heading to the portable...