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    Review Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2

    Brains, Nazis and a whole lot of fun

    The first Guns, Gore & Cannoli blasted its way onto the Nintendo Switch in December of last year, and although the run ‘n’ gun, zombie apocalyptic title was met with a mostly fair reception by fans and critics alike, there was inarguably room for improvement. Now, Crazy Monkey Studios brings the...

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    Review Guns, Gore & Cannoli

    Sweet but a little sickly

    How do you make the well-worn platform shooter genre feel fresh and exciting? Our answer wouldn't necessarily be to mash together equally well-worn zombie and gangster tropes, but that's what the developer of Guns, Gore & Cannoli has come up with. The game casts you as Vinnie Cannoli, a prohibition-era mob enforcer...