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  • News New Chasing Aurora Gameplay Videos Show Off Different Modes

    Catch that pigeon!

    Broken Rules has released a series of new videos showing off the various game modes in its upcoming Wii U title Chasing Aurora. As the first title in a three-part series, Chasing Aurora is a 2D aerial action game in which players control birds and battle it out over the Alps for a glowing treasure known as Aurora's Gem. The game...

  • News Wanna Play? Ubisoft show more of Red Steel 2

    Ubisoft release another video from the upcoming Red Steel 2 game demonstrating its "accurate" on-screen controls.

    Ever since we played the original Red Steel we became overwhelmed with disappointment in the control section, we hoped for "real" one-to-one mapping of our Wiimotes to our swords, alas it wasn't meant to be... That's because...