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  • Feature Scratching Beneath The Surface Of The Floor Kids Soundtrack With DJ Kid Koala

    "It's all part of this scene that continues to inspire us"

    Rhythm action game Floor Kids floored us in December of last year with its trendy hand-drawn art style, expressive freedom and incredible soundtrack. You check out our review right here. With its amazing soundtrack set for release on 27th April on vinyl, DJ and musical maestro Kid Koala took...

  • News Floor Kids Is Getting a Vinyl Soundtrack Release in April


    Floor Kids was a welcome surprise on the Switch eShop, blending hand drawn art with an infectious hip hop soundtrack and rhythm gameplay. The music—produced by Kid Koala—was a serious highlight for the release, and now those of you who loved it will have a chance to own the full soundtrack in its own separate release. Kid Koala just...

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    Review Floor Kids

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    While the Switch has already booked an array of both dance (Just Dance 2017 and 2018) and rhythm games (like VOEZ, Deemo, and Superbeat Xonic), it’s safe to say that there’s nothing else in the system’s lineup quite like Floor Kids. In fact, this labour of love from Montreal-based duo JonJon (animator and former bboy) and Kid Koala...

  • Feature Throwing Shapes With Floor Kids' JonJon And Kid Koala

    "Pure, uninhibited (funky) joy"

    There are plenty of dance-based games out there - with the likes of Just Dance 2017 and Just Dance 2018 having already moonwalked their way onto Switch - but the classic art of breakdancing is yet to have its proper time in the virtual spotlight. Well, one little indie is about to change all that, and with style, too...

  • News Floor Kids Dances Onto Switch Very Soon

    This week in North America, a little longer to wait for Europe

    Since its big push in a Nindies Showcase broadcast as a Switch console exclusive, 'breakdance battle game' Floor Kids has had us intrigued. With a distinctive visual style and fresh music from Kid Koala it's hard to miss, and we'll find out imminently whether the end result lives up to...

  • Video Meet the Crew in the Latest Floor Kids Gameplay Trailer

    Feel the beat

    Nintendo has given a high profile to a number of fascinating download games this year through Direct and Nindie Showcase broadcasts, and one title that we've been looking out for is Floor Kids. Due out this Holiday season, it boasts a cool art style and a funky soundtrack. The latest trailer for the game gives a brief insight...

  • News Floor Kids Will Start the Beat on Switch This Holiday Season

    A breakdancing game with funky beats

    Those looking for more rhythm gaming kicks on the Switch will have been pleased by the announcement of Floor Kids during today's Nindie Showcase; it'll come to Switch 'first' in the Holiday season. It's a project with a fascinating history - Canadian animator JonJon produced some animated shorts in 2007-2008,...