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  • Review Flip Wars (Switch eShop)

    Bomberman meets ChuChu Rocket

    Flip Wars began as a little project by the name of Project Mekuru, a game developed with the Unity Engine in which players could duke out a war for tile-based dominance while using their own Mii character. Since then its brand has naturally evolved in localisation, but the Miis have been replaced with characters...

  • News Flip Wars - Battle Sports Mekuru in Japan - Arrives on the EU Switch eShop This Week

    Flippin' eck

    Some of you may recall the emergence of Project Mekuru, a title developed by Over Fence Co. that is now known as Battle Sports Mekuru in Japan. Its core concept is around multiplayer matches in which players compete by flipping over tiles to their colour, with various environmental factors and items that come into play. For its Western...