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  • News Flashback 2 Is In Production, If You're Not Hyped Ask An Older Relative

    Flashforward to 2022 for its release

    Certain games in each generation inspire reactions of awe and excitement, because they push the envelope in graphical technology, gameplay ideas or perhaps both. One such game in the 16-bit era, arguably, was Flashback. It had a cool telling of a sci-fi memory-lost tale combined with smart puzzles, awesome...

  • Poll Box Art Brawl #14 - Flashback

    Look into my eyes

    And we're back once again for a Box Art Brawl! This is the series where we look deeply at three video game cover variants (yep, games used to always come in physical boxes, kids!) and use some good old fashioned democracy to decide which one is best. Last week we looked at three versions of Goemon's Great Adventure on Nintendo 64...

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    Review Flashback

    Conrad returns

    It could happen to anyone. One day you’re having a lovely morning enjoying the mundane lifestyle of 2142, the next you discover an alien race has infiltrated the human race and you’re downloading your own mind to a holocube before being captured and memory wiped by the very same species you were about to expose. Conrad B. Hart’s...

  • Feature Freedom Fighter: Paul Cuisset On The Making Of Flashback

    As the 16-bit classic comes to Switch, its director reflects

    This month sees some potentially special games come out for the Nintendo Switch. From Wolfenstein II to Lumines Remastered via the arcade sports action of Mario Tennis Aces, the console’s not wanting for attractive offerings. Yet perhaps the most interesting of the month’s new releases...