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  • Rumour Report Points to the Nintendo NX Potentially Monitoring Your Heart Rate

    That should get the blood pumping

    Here's an interesting little tidbit which might give us some clues as to the direction which the the NX might be taking, perhaps the 'handheld' component should there be one. Taiwanese company Pixart Imaging is a player in CMOS-based heart-rate monitoring (HRM) solutions which are used by brands in the fitness...

  • Parent Trap Wii Fit U Accepts Our Varied Bodies

    Family Gamer's Andy Robertson has another look at Nintendo's fitness title

    Video games reflect wider society’s desire for the perfect body. Having children only presses this issue home and means I’m pickier about the shape of our video-game protagonists. However, I have been happily surprised then to see how Wii Fit U handles this. Rather than...

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    Wii U

    Review Zumba Fitness: World Party

    Around the world in 80 calories

    A modern take on Sweatin' to the Oldies with party-people style, the dance-fitness sensation known as Zumba has become incredibly popular over the last decade, and been perfectly positioned to take advantage of the video-game fitness craze started with Wii Fit. Now, after three successful outings on the Wii, Majesco's...

  • Feature Active Gaming is Here To Stay And is Helping People Get Fit

    Games like Wii Fit U can make a big difference to people's lives

    Many people in the world claim video games are partially to blame for rising obesity levels, with individuals disregarding physical exercise in favour of a round of Mario Kart or a bout of Call of Duty, but there are doctors and scientists out there who say playing active games such as...

  • News Wii Motion Gaming Won't Guarantee Better Fitness

    According to research in the U.S.

    Since the arrival of Wii in 2006 the concept of motion gaming has not only became mainstream, but has arguably dominated the so-called 'casual' gaming scene. Not to be distracted by the term, it's safe to say that a fair proportion of Wii sales can be attributed to families and people new to gaming who have been...

  • News WiiWare Gets Weirder with Pelvic Floor Training on Friday

    Deal clencher

    Last year Kaasa released Physio Fun Balance Training to help rehabilitate patients following hip, leg or foot surgery. Many readers rubbed their eyes in disbelief, but you've seen nothing yet. This Friday sees the release of Physiofun: Pelvic Floor Training for 1,000 Nintendo Points. Pelvic floor exercises are chiefly used to help women retain bladder control following pregnancy, but..

  • News Practise Your Balancing with PHYSIO FUN Tomorrow

    2,000 Wii Points for helpful software

    Kaasa is clearly the place to be when it comes to WiiWare firsts. As well as bringing the service its first pelvic floor exercise game, tomorrow the company launches PHYSIO FUN Balance Training as an alternative to lengthy rehabilitation programmes. Kaasa's tests have included a soft foam surrounding for the...

  • News Pelvic Floor Exercise Game Fills Gap in the Market

    Now we've really heard everything

    The Wii has a huge audience, from little children to pregnant women, and so it's only fair that each gamer gets a game individually tailored to them. Kaasa is already working on Physiofun, a physiotherapy game for WiiWare that uses the Balance Board, but a PEGI rating has outed something rather more... specialised...

  • News Kaasa Health to Release Balance-Based WiiWare Game and Mat

    Stop falling down all the time with the help of this new title

    We've received word that German company Kaasa Health is developing a new series of balanced-based fitness games for WiiWare and a newly designed fitness mat for placement atop the Wii Balance Board. The products were developed in conjunction with therapists and doctors from the Dr...

  • News Pokémon Heart Gold/Soul Silver "PokeWalker" unveiled

    Pedometer accessory to ship with copies of upcoming Pokémon DS games in Japan.

    Today's episode of the Japanese Pokémon Sunday officially revealed the "PokeWalker", a pedometer-like accessory that will come bundled with copies of the upcoming Pokémon remakes, Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver The Poke Ball-shaped device allows you to...

  • First Impressions Personal Trainer: Walking

    We take Nintendo's new DS fitness title for a walk.

    We recently got in the upcoming DS title Personal Trainer: Walking and we've had a chance to spend a little time with it and we think gamers who want to increase their fitness level are in for a treat with this interesting new DS game package. Inside the package you basically get the DS game, two Activity Meters, and two clips for clipping the..

  • News Does This Controller Make Me Look Fat?

    Change 4 Life may have changed it's tune on the heavy effects of gaming for kids.

    You could stop playing any time you want, right? You could just put down the controller and walk away now…if you wanted to. YOU get plenty of exercise. Who are they to tell you that you’re fat and play too many video games? The past year or so has seen an increasingly heated exchange between the UK government and..