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  • Back Page The Video Game Characters That Snuck Into The 2021 Met Gala

    Video games, but make it fashion

    On the Venn diagram of video games and fashion, the overlap is probably smaller than the number of people who actually owned a Virtual Boy, but that's alright. I'm here at the centre of the two circles, and if this article only entertains me, so be it! The Met Gala, which took place earlier this week, is a parade of...

  • News H&M Teams Up With Maisie Williams And Animal Crossing To Promote Sustainable Fashion

    Game of Threads

    Fast fashion is one of the largest contributors to ocean pollution, rainforest destruction, and landfill waste out there. It's a term used to describe fashion that is made cheaply - often at the expense of poorly-paid workers in poorer countries - and shipped across the globe to be sold for low prices in places like Primark, H&M,...

  • Weirdness Drew Barrymore Is Now Pokémon's Fashion Ambassador

    "I like things that are colorful and happy"

    Pokémon turns 20 this year as we all know, and no time is being wasted when it comes to exploiting this landmark event. Nintendo has just released the games that started it all on the 3DS eShop, and long-time merchandising partner Tomy is planning a year of special promotions. Later in the year

  • Gallery The Splatoon T-Shirt Market Has More Variety Than the Game's Store

    Take that Jelly Fresh!

    When it comes to fashion, Splatoon is cutting-edge gaming. Apart from those amiibo outfits that only dedicated collectors have, there are plenty of varieties of t-shirts, hats and shoes bopping around in the game's plaza at any time, while the stores rotate their offerings on a daily basis. Sure, you can pick outfits based on...

  • Fashion A Young Reader Shows That Style Matters in Splatoon

    "Splatoon Rocks"

    Splatoon has various strengths to appeal to gamers of all ages, from its colourful aesthetic to hugely effective controls, and also its blend of shooting for kills and covering the ground. Another strength is fashion. There are clothes, hats, sneakers and even trendy glasses so you can look good when splatting opponents. Fashion...

  • Fashion This Fetching Range Of Zelda-Themed Clothing Hy-Rules

    Strut your stuff in style

    Gaming-themed clothing is a pretty big business these days, with plenty of clothing companies waking up to the fact that - hey - gamers like spending lots of cash on items emblazoned with images from their favourite titles. Jamie Koala is one such designer who is well aware that clothing with game art on can be pretty damn...

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    Review Girls' Fashion Shoot

    Fashionably fun

    It's apparently every young girl's dream to become a model - wearing the latest clothing trend, looking fabulous walking down the catwalk with photographers on the sidewalk capturing the moment. Girls' Fashion Shoot provides just that, but substituting the catwalk for magazine photo shoots while sitting comfortably at home. As the...

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    Review Fashion Tycoon

    Fashion disaster

    If there's one thing that Fashion Tycoon truly achieves, it's the way in which it makes you appreciate just how hard retail workers have it at times. Much like in real life, demanding customers, stock shortages and a lack of staff are just some of the problems you find yourself up against in this game — it's a nightmarish...