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  • Review Fairune 2 (3DS eShop)

    This is a fair 'un

    Fairune was a fun - if not particularly ground-breaking - little game that came out of nowhere and charmed us with its simplistic yet addictive gameplay, mixing Ys-like bump combat with a Zelda-esque overworld filled with secrets. We thought the game's story felt pretty complete, so we were quite surprised that a sequel popped up,...

  • News Fairune 2 Releases in North America on 20th October

    Europe gets it a week later

    Some of you may remember Fairune, a budget RPG that released on the 3DS eShop a couple years ago. We thought it was a pretty good time for what it was, and evidently the game acquired enough of a following to justify a sequel. Fairune 2 has been in development since nearly the first one released, and now it's been...