Tag: Excitement

  • News Those Wii U Launch Details Might be Coming in September

    About time

    Nintendo has taken its time in revealing Wii U information, but the veil of secrecy has to be lifted at some point soon with the console due for release by the end of 2012. Initiate hype mode: we might get all those juicy launch details in a few weeks' time. GamesIndustry International reports that Nintendo of America will be hosting a...

  • News Developers Enthusiastic About Wii U's Download Service

    The future's bright

    Several developers have expressed displeasure at Nintendo's previous digital set ups with WiiWare and DSiWare over the years. While the services certainly had successes — Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series and Frontier's LostWinds, to name a couple — a number of problems with them have been cited, from lack of flexibility through...

  • News Ubisoft to Reveal Wii U Games on 4th June

    Strap yourself in

    Ubisoft's confirmed it'll show off its Wii U games at its E3 press event on 4th June, ahead of Nintendo's conference on 5th June. Ubi hasn't said specifically which Wii U games it'll show off — no surprise there — but with half a dozen titles in development including Rayman Legends and Assassin's Creed III there should be...

  • News Add These Dates and Times to Your E3 Schedule

    Straight from the horse's mouth

    You might think your E3 experience starts and ends with Nintendo's press conference on 5th June? Not so, with two more dates and times to add to your diary. As well as streaming the press conference itself, Nintendo will also offer two exclusive videos at Here's the full rundown, in order. Tuesday 5th June: Press...

  • News Watch E3 Live Online, On TV and On the Go

    Watch everywhere, really

    Nintendo will once again stream its E3 press conference online at as well as via Facebook and on TV on Spike or MTV2. There'll also be game footage and developer interviews on Nintendo's YouTube channels. Of course we'll be bringing you live coverage, news, media and more as it happens so make sure you come here on 5th...

  • News Nintendo America Posts Xenoblade Art on Facebook

    And Gamestop confirms listing

    After the earlier Gamestop rumour we now have more evidence that Xenoblade Chronicles is heading to North America after all. The Nintendo Facebook page just posted up an album of Xenoblade artwork, adding further fuel to speculation the the much-req

  • News Cliff Bleszinski Thinks Wii U Naysayers Will Still Buy It

    Gears of War creator sounds confident

    The Wii U has got a lot of people excited and Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski is no exception. Speaking to IndustryGamers, he spoke confidently on Nintendo's ability to sell the Wii U to gamers ― even the ones who aren't convinced with Nintendo's upcoming home console. Regarding the naysayers who dismiss...

  • News EA CEO Loves the Wii U

    "Transcends anything I’ve ever done before"

    Those sceptical of Wii U's ability to change gaming might want to heed the words of Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello, who recently gave the upcoming system a huge endorsement, complimenting its second screen setup, calling it cool, precise and powerful. He's quoted as saying: It's a high definition...