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  • Gallery These Wooden Recreations Of Classic Video Games Are Stunning

    Zelda, Metroid, Castlevania, and more!

    We love physical goodies here at Nintendo Life and we'd wager a lot of our readers would sooner go for a boxed copy of a game rather than download it from the eShop. Although digital gaming is on the rise, there's something special about displaying a game you love proudly on your shelf. Well, thanks to user...

  • Guide Check Out The Best Fan-Made Animal Crossing Merch On Etsy

    Crazy Redd approved

    What's that? There's a new Animal Crossing game coming to Switch in March, you say? Jeepers creepers, how did I miss that news, macmoo?! Yes, as we're sure practically anybody who's ever played a Nintendo console knows by now, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is coming to Switch soon. In the run up to release we've seen a host of...

  • News Upcycle Nintendo Gear into Office Equipment

    Get down to business

    If your GameCube's given up the ghost or there's more nails in your Nintendo 64's coffin than hairs on your head, you might be thinking of recycling it. Etsy store GreenCüb goes one better and upcycles dead consoles and controllers into office equipment. Graeme Abraham turns GameCubes into desk organisers — cleverly the...